Community Pulse - January 2024

Happy new year everyone! :mascot:

We are excited to say that FiveM has started the new year with a bang, hitting a new concurrent players milestone, taking us beyond 300k players for the first time! We are forever grateful for the community we have and are extremely excited to watch it continue to grow.

GTA Online: The Chop Shop

Support for the latest GTA Online title update, The Chop Shop, is now available for everyone to enjoy!

Use the sv_enforceGameBuild variable on your server to enjoy the new content!
Our vehicle models page has been updated accordingly to include all the recent content too.

Update your FiveM/RedM servers

Earlier this month, an FXServer exploit was discovered and publicized. To reduce the spread of the exploit usage, we encourage all server owners to update FXServer to version 7290 or higher as soon as possible.

If you know about, discover, or encounter any kind of exploit, we encourage you to report it to us directly via or through our support website.

Development updates

txAdmin v7 is out!

For the past year, we have focused on making structural changes to txAdmin to allow us to continue developing it in a sustainable way by strengthening code base and making it easier to work with, and this update is the biggest leap in that direction!

txAdmin, but now in React!

In this update, the entire txAdmin web panel “shell” has been converted to React.js and we took this opportunity to significantly improve the layout by separating the menu into two sections; “global” at the top and “server” in the side bar which includes all the controls you need for your server.

The player list and live console have been massively improved and can now handle our largest servers, and a lot of effort has been put into improving the experience and ensuring compatibility with mobile devices.
Our inner pages are still using the old UI but will be migrated to React over time, alongside some additional UI/UX improvements.

Other notable changes

  • Fixed sync issues with the player list in the in-game UI.
  • Revamped the authentication process to improve performance and reliability.
  • Improved txAdmin resilience to DDoS attacks.
  • Admins can now edit their identifiers in the “Your Account” modal in the top-right corner.
  • Fixed the god mode issue in no-clip as well as disappearing player IDs.
  • By popular demand, the “kick-all” button now requires the permission to start/stop the server instead of only “kick players”.
  • txAdmin will now verify the origin of NUI callbacks to prevent CSRF through vulnerable resources.
  • And many more!

Dropping support for Windows 7 and Windows 8

As we announced in our November Community Pulse, we want to remind everyone that FiveM will cease to support these operating systems beginning January 30, 2024.

We recommend Windows 7 and 8 users upgrade to a supported operating system as soon as possible.

Development changelog

Git changelog

Dillon Skaggs (1):

  • [8fd89d68f] fix(state/statebag): filter frequent & large data from client

Disquse (16):

  • [d2991d34a] tweak(shared): add ABGR support in CfxRGBA
  • [287155634] feat(extra-natives/rdr3): add GamePrimitives
  • [f2d2e9906] tweak(extra-natives/rdr3): improve GraphicsNatives
  • [fd8ef3cbb] feat(extra-natives/five): implement SET_VEHICLE_(ROLL/PITCH)_BIAS
  • [d0f9b4efd] feat(native-decls): add SET_VEHICLE_(ROLL/PITCH)_BIAS
  • [09355c696] feat(five): initial work on 3095.0
  • [16bc5d4d8] tweak(data/five): gameconfig and meta files for 3095.0
  • [c740d116f] tweak(game/five): add placeholder dump for 3095.0
  • [e812858a8] tweak(game/five): add ros.dll for b3095
  • [294817ea0] fix(streaming/five): fix typo in CVehicle::GetHandlingData
  • [7a6290774] fix(gta-game/five): update CNetGamePlayer accessors to support b3095
  • [ddcd4664b] tweak(extra-natives/five): minor tweaks in player extra natives
  • [f21538eae] tweak(rdr3): fix artificial lights crash
  • [4268ac5a4] fix(extra-natives/rdr3): draw origin index typo
  • [d1b35aab7] fix(playernames/five): gamer tag crew component issue on b3095
  • [606299fe7] tweak(core/five): rework camera shake toggle convar

LWSS (5):

  • [4c4a7464c] feat(extra-natives-five): add SET_PED_TURNING_THRESHOLDS. Allows tun-ability of the aiming transition threshold angles.
  • [c37da40ac] tweak(client): remove older versions of XInput
  • [b5e5eb0a5] fix(extra-natives-five): typo
  • [23f68a202] tweak(citizen-server-impl): change how postmap strings are parsed. Add sv_maxClientEndpointRequestSize limit
  • [3d0fbde61] tweak(utils): refactor/de-duplicate ParsePOSTString()

Nikez (1):

  • [2a8563545] fix(rdr3/audio): add pattern offset for asynchronousAudio

blattersturm (2):

  • [59e0e38d4] fix(server/impl): initConnect addition overflow
  • [a4c7c0612] tweak(input/five): release cursor capture for the game’s cursor

jakub (3):

  • [8ffe254f8] fix(formats): use correct format specifiers for size_t
  • [ab08d13f8] fix(five): array sizing improvements
  • [bea458e77] fix(glue): reset resources on network kill

neptunium (5):

  • [e21d097fe] tweak(client): block ‘OMEN_Camera_x64’ some HP software, it’s crashing everyone that has it installed
  • [bfaf8b9e5] tweak(scripting/mono-v2): bump pilot date
  • [3a819e2c5] tweak(scripting/five): block DATAFILE namespace
  • [898bfb8b3] tweak(scripting/rdr3): block DATAFILE namespace also fixes an issue where handler would be saved to g_fastPathMap before being overriden, resulting in the native not being blocked
  • [e96c2b2ef] fix(ros): fix startup crashes on some windows versions

nihonium (36):

packfile (1):

  • [e4e96e379] feat(onesync): ped and player appearance data node research

thorium (2):

  • [6d08d496f] fix(github): give permissions to label PRs
  • [1498a1db1] fix(github): PR template concise typo

See you all next month!

Crazy how it takes people to publicly release exploits before you bother to do anything within a timely manner.


Hoping we will say this for RedM as well! Waiting for 32+ players in scope :smiley:


Just a thought. You guys wouldn’t even need to do these posts if you just maintained the GitHub repo like you used to with commits with actual descriptions instead of this “mr-1433” crap.


Best joke of 2024 so far :joy:


I just want to say thank you to anyone still trying their utmost to make this a better place and improving the platform. :heart:


deleting comments of creators showing support for each other and wanting change, is crazy.
if you don’t value the communities opinion, just say that instead of doing the exact thing the community is hating on you for (being as transparent as a brick wall)


Why not credit Tabarra and his work? Instead of changing “I” to “we” and claiming you did all the work?



I didn’t expect much this month, but I did expect at least a general vague (very corporate) statement acknowledging that recent community concerns have been heard and resolutions are being explored/drafted. Being silent is not very good PR and doesn’t help anything!

Aside from the above, I’m glad there’s been at least some movement on Github and it does look like things on the development side is improving, although slower than many would appreciate.

Looking forward to the coming months!


Yeah, huge thanks to the person who worked on the only update discussed at length in this pulse (tabby).

Thanks to AvarianKnight for reporting the major statebag exploit on my behalf 3 weeks ago, and then sending them a fix, and then submitting a PR due to lack of action. Speaking of, why isn’t this mentioned at all? :thinking:


Also this post is so bloated out to say. Fixed a couple of exploits that were reported internally months ago, updated txAdmin and added Chop Shop DLC. So all I’m seeing is something done by Tabarra, something done by Disquse, something done by nta and something done by AvarianKnight.

Also love how much you care about the community, didn’t even include a community contributions section this month. You know since majority of the merges were community PR’s.

Also the whole use of “we” when it’s only a small percentage of people actually contributing to the codebase is a good meme.


Hey there, thank you so much for the concern :heart:, but rest assured that I work very closely to Rockstar.
I was actually the one who wrote that part of the message so it is all good :hugs:

Hope you all enjoy v7 though.


The only part of this statement that is true, is watching it grow, that’s all that seems to be happening right now, a whole lot of watching what the community does but not ever actually doing anything. To say you are public relations is another joke because there are no public relations, at best a few members of the community are in a private engineering guild and may have some form of communication via that. Otherwise we have to resort to publicly posting exploits to get them resolved.


Looks really great, nice work [snaily heart emoji here]


No, it was discovered months ago and a fix for it was provided, because there was no other choice.

You can see statebags exploits being mentioned in the Git changelog but why is this not mentioned at all as a contribution?

Tabarra loves their arrows (Much love of course <3) loving v7 ^-^

It took a while for this Community Pulse to come out. I get that you want us to be at least a little bit positive about certain changes, however:

  • There’s still a lack of a proper support team through Discord and Forums. How many support cases have me and @Demonen done at this point, as well as others?
  • Development has slowed down, sure, that’s a given with any acquisition, it’ll always be rough. But there is no transparency on certain matters.
  • Receiving E-mails through Discourse is still broken due to domain related issues, like missing a DMARC record. New registrations can’t go through, even. It’s been two weeks since I’ve raised this as an issue. I don’t understand why something as simple as a DNS change takes years to complete at this point :confused:

You want us to “be positive”, yet there is nothing to be positive about in this current state of things given everything I’ve seen and the community as well.

This isn’t made to hate on the project. You have to understand that this criticism comes from people who actually genuinely care about the project and where it goes. It isn’t spreading negativity, it’s genuine concern and an outcry for at least the tiniest bit of transparency at this point.

Please, give us something. Anything at all. :confused:


100% this. If we hated the project and platform we would leave, and many have, but continue to hope for improvement. Unfortunately whenever people ask, I have to inform them that nothing has really improved and all of the things that made them quit are still a major problem.

I can live with slowed development, I can manage with slow support and moderation.
It’s a real struggle to stay positive when we can’t get any information from the “Community Coordinator” or other Public Relations types. The only time I can even get a response on anything is if I lash out in a completely unhelpful/non-constructive way.

The exploits that were finally fixed after being reported 6 months ago and similar issues not being prioritised until becoming commonly abused is just saddening. The lack of communication about these issues is maddening.


It’s a shame to show disrespect by not recognizing the work of the community.


Was hoping for more than this.

I wasn’t expecting an extreme shift (like definitive answers on plans for the year, increased engagement from cfx reps, etc) but this is a let down even compared to my expectations.

I just don’t get how communication can break down for this many years with no one actually stepping up to communicate the goals and decisions of CFX as an org. It seems activity was much higher in early days of the forums. It should have only increased, not decreased.

Consistently surprised how little anyone community facing is ever publicly seen interacting with us, even if it’s just to give us looks into changes, updates, etc, despite the importance of it being highlighted.


The Chop Shop now available on FiveM, major update to txAdmin and more in this month’s Community Pulse

the “and more” is that windows 7/8 is no longer supported… which isn’t exactly a change that requires any effort (the only mention in git is just hard blocking it) its mostly just a declaration its no longer supported.

This is a really underwhelming pulse where the majority of the substance of it is entirely the result of people outside of cfx/rockstar.

It’s been said before by Vivi4n but the weird references to the exploit of which the reporter says it was reported privately months ago but is being constantly referred to as “earlier this month” is… weird to say the least.

I’m hopeful things will get better, but for now this is just disappointing coming from Rockstar/Cfx


Exactly this! It’s pretty much radio silence