Community Pulse - November 2023

Hey everyone,

We hope you had a good time celebrating the spooky season! We’re back with another Pulse and we’ve got more things to go over, talk about and share. Let’s get into it!

Concerns from the previous Pulse

It has been exciting to see the overwhelming response to October’s Community Pulse and the various discussions that have come from it. That said, our team took the time to read the responses, and we’d like to address some points to reduce ambiguity and confusion.


Last month’s FAQ about the PLA and our IP enforcement policy kicked off much discussion in the community, and we wanted to take a moment to clarify what we outlined in that post. While to some it might seem that our responses contained a policy change, FiveM has always encouraged creators to respect IP and not infringe other parties’ rights when developing mods for the platform. We appreciate everyone’s understanding on this as we move forward.


After last month’s focus on FiveM, some of you have expressed concerns about our plans for RedM, as there was very little mention of it in last month’s Pulse. Rest assured, we are not planning on abandoning RedM – quite the contrary! The job listings we’ve mentioned are for both FiveM and RedM. Under the hood, RedM is far more challenging to work on than FiveM but as stated in last month’s Pulse, we plan to leverage the Rockstar Games team’s knowledge to help improve it in the future.

Non-adult character models

Following the updates to our PLA and our statement in September’s Pulse, there has been some confusion around the use of non-adult/minor pedestrian (ped) character models on our platform. First, we want to clarify that any depiction of an in-game model under age 18 is considered a non-adult ped model. Using these models is prohibited under the PLA in any context or scenario; there is no exception for “character age-appropriate” roleplay. All non-adult ped models must be removed.

Dropping support for Windows 7/8

In light of Microsoft’s end of support for Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems, FiveM will cease to officially support these operating systems by the end of January 2024. To prevent any future interruptions of service and ensure continued access to the latest platform features, we recommend Windows 7 and 8 users upgrade to a supported operating system as soon as possible.

Anti-cheat development

As we continue to make improvements across the board, our team is still focused and committed to the development of our anti-cheat systems. A reminder that you can help us out by submitting reports of cheat software you come across to the support platform with the following information:

  • The name of the cheat software
  • An archive containing the cheat software executable(s)
  • Source of the cheat software, i.e., where did you get it (e.g., Discord server, website, YouTube video, …)

Development updates

Our team is, as always, hard at work with development! However, most progress is being done internally to optimize workflows and review legacy code, and for good reason, as it will make future development much easier and quicker.

Key leak detection on GitHub

We’ve pushed out a service to detect and notify when your server’s license key has been leaked to the public on GitHub, which should go live by next month. You can find out more on the article in our support portal.

txAdmin updates coming soon

While it was not quite ready to share this month, we have a new and improved version of the txAdmin UI in the works, which will be ready in time for the next Pulse. Stay tuned!

Git Changelog

Ciastekbatak (1):

  • [0fa984209] tweak(gamestate/server): allow blocking phone explosion events

Dillon Skaggs (2):

  • [7410c9f51] fix(native-decls): fix declaration for NETWORK_GET_VOICE_PROXIMITY_OVERRIDE_FOR_PLAYER
  • [e2c469b8e] tweak(docs/building): add note for people using Python 3.12+

Disquse (8):

  • [edf77da2b] tweak(streaming/five): standardize usage of GetArchetypeFromHashKey
  • [4560540f2] feat(rdr3): support for populationPedCreating event
  • [8c8870aec] tweak(streaming): improve fwModelId struct
  • [9bac93612] tweak(net/five): shared method to get net object from entity
  • [1a952424c] tweak(net/five): improve player talking hook
  • [ae71a4acb] fix(net/rdr3): ignore certain ped model sync blocking tunable
  • [3454f95b5] fix(core/rdr3): train config index crash workaround
  • [7c1631c40] tweak(client): remove IPFS and gRPC

LWSS (2):

  • [dc7aecd4f] fix(gta-net-five): Construct CPlayerInfo for g_player31.
  • [d03d2be9f] tweak(gta-net-five): fix GTA_FIVE ifdef’s

Linden (1):

  • [1517a8bfb] fix(scripting/lua): error when awaiting a rejected promise

jakub-cfx (2):

  • [821e4a9e7] tweak(server): scriptless startup notices
  • [0fbce4f4f] fix(server): fix startup notices linux build

neptunium (8):

  • [56e192851] tweak(scripting/v8): HashString instead of hardcoded hash
  • [5aa451969] tweak(scripting/lua): cleaner INVOKE_FUNCTION_REFERENCE hash usage
  • [c1bbd8416] tweak(scripting/lua): call GetResourceName instead of repeating its code
  • [40608ba6e] tweak(font-renderer): remove useless file, move it to FontRendererImpl.cpp
  • [4e1f82c05] tweak(resources): changes for retail builds this is required for upcoming internal changes
  • [f3ae9778a] fix(resources): don’t include InternalResourceImpl.h for server
  • [2d3fbf922] tweak(client): don’t look for ‘-’ while checking for pure level this will allow users to specify pure mode levels in protocol links again, this is not a proper solution but will work as a temporary one for the time being
  • [61adf08fe] fix(resources): assign m_rootPath if adhesive isn’t loaded hopefully last edge case i haven’t thought about

nihonium (5):

  • [1b31307e8] Merge branch ‘pr-2235’
  • [3de0c02fa] Merge branch ‘mr-127’
  • [4cc07c9ec] fix(nui/core): allow sdk input callbacks only when in sdk mode
  • [e5da92607] tweak(ext/cfx-ui): use ASID instead of first available account identifier for matomo
  • [cafc4c296] tweak(ci): refactoring build scripts

nta (2):

  • [53959a48d] fix(server/gui): ‘FXServer/unknown’ in console title
  • [988c84c18] tweak(server/gui): add txAdmin suffix to console title

silicon (1):

  • [341719dd9] Merge branch ‘adhesive-rebuild-4’ into ‘master’

thorium (27):

user (1):

  • [2d22d429a] fix(server): read object id instead of a single bit on CVehicleHealthDataNode

And that wraps up this Pulse! See you all next month! :mascot:


<3 always

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Excited to see what’s next! Hoping to know more about development soon <3

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Looking forward to the future of FiveM :rocket: :heart:

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Nice :slight_smile:

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Good community pulse as always good to see that progress being made internally for FiveM.

However, as said in last community post we are still missing essential state bag related features that was PR’d over 120 days ago, is there any timeline we could expect something like this: feat(state-bag): initial implementation of state bag filters by AvarianKnight · Pull Request #2108 · citizenfx/fivem · GitHub to be implemented?

This is such a essential feature when it comes to state bags.



As explained in this related issue, we’re evaluating and discussing it internally to make sure it gets properly implemented :slight_smile:


Sounds perfect! Can’t wait :pray:



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Great, especially the key leak detector

Great changes :cowboy_hat_face:

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I didn’t see any notes regardin’ to fivem and IRL maps(i kinda asked on twitter that whether or not it’s ok for fivem servers to use IRL maps - like the shutokou expressway in tokyo,japan - as long as it’s buld from the ground up,and contains no copyrighted stuff,like billboards of certain IRL automotive/AEM parts brands),can anyone from officals give any policies on IRL maps - befo’ an new server i wanted to play for high-speed cruisin’ is about the tread some murky lookin’ waters in the forseenable future?

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I think the policy still applies here, and would even go as far as to cover this Jack ped in a multiplayer (redm) context, regardless if its a mod or not.

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I agree, in RDR2 you aren’t even able to hurt him or anything and also I am pretty sure there are some pretty strict laws to having younger people in videos games and what’s allowed and not allowed.

Nice :slight_smile:

they need to give us a refund then

Why would they give a a refund? Rockstar rules and conditions have always been very clear. They are not responsible for the purchases you make, outside of those rules. They arent responsible for those purchases, within the rules either.

If you are looking for a refund, Rockstar is the wrong tree to bark up. Might wanna go looking for it at the locations you bought them from. But even then, you are probably SOL, as all tebex purchases are final and no refunds allowed, unless the creator of what your purchased is feeling generous.

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can you explain how the german servers are still here if they dont care about copyright and think it is solved if you write on the tebexstore no connection to world brands :smiley: and announce their copyright violation