Co_notify like No Pixel phone notification system

It can be integrated into all scripts.

It is updated frequently, Follow the github page!

All settings and changeable features are explained in detail on github!


Github : cokluk/co_notify

I am waiting for your questions and bug reports in the comments.


As I see it I can say wow. Nice work but, does it work for other phones for esx?

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It can work not only on phones, but with all scripts!

God will lift the trouble you will give me to me

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When I call someone, the phone shows up and it says that someone is calling me…

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and whats the problem now?

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So we made it work with twitter and messages so far!

We are trying out the call noti - When i call someone i get the pop up and so do they - But neither of us are able to use the arrow keys to decline or accept the phone call. Would you happen to know why?

Also is it possible to maintain the twitter preferences regarding notifications? So if you opt out in the app they will not pop up on the phone?