[Abandoned] [FREE] ESX Real Parking v1.4 | Real Life Parking | Parking Anywhere | Optimized

ESX Real Parking

ESX Real Parking v1.4

:warning: This script has been abandoned

Please use zerodream_parking instead.

Hello everyone, this is my second script, this script can allow you to store the car like real life.
Yes, just put your car in the parking zones and it will be store.

This video can tell you how to play.

Github Release GPL v3

Source Code: kasuganosoras/esx_realparking
Download: :floppy_disk: esx_realparking-1.4.2.zip

  • v1.4: Fixed all known issues, add parking anywhere feature, optimized performance.
  • v1.3: Fixed the car floating in air issue, optimize the script and support ESX 1.2.0 now.
  • v1.2: IMPORTANT UPDATE! if you are using the old version, please read this: Github Wiki
  • v1.1: Add blips for parking
  • v1.0: First release


This script can allow you to store the vehicles like real life, just drive the car, enter the parking zones, and press the key, your car will be store.

And this script has some differences from the other garage script, the stored car will not disappear in the game, you can see every player’s car in the parking.

The stored vehicles are invincible, so don’t worry about someone will breaking your car or something.

Parking example

You don’t have to park the car on the parking line, you can park everywhere you want inside the zones.

In global parking mode, you can parking anywhere by pressing the key, the key can be set in config.lua


  • Store the car like the real-life
  • Support esx_vehicleshop
  • Parking fees for the player
  • Parking Anywhere
  • Parking Card (player can parking for free if they own the parking card)
  • Police impound vehicle support (help)
  • Optimized performance


  1. ESX
  2. esx_vehicleshop
  3. esx_policejob (optional)
  4. esx_advancedgarage (optional)

Download & Installation


Download esx_realparking-1.4.2.zip
Put it in the [esx] directory


  • Import esx_realparking.sql to your database
  • Add this in your server.cfg
start esx_realparking


  • Standalone Mode (not in parking zone): CPU 0.02ms / Memory <460KB
  • Standalone Mode (inside parking zone): CPU 0.04ms / Memory < 480KB
  • Global Parking Mode: CPU 0.05ms / Memory < 500KB

Global Parking Setup

  1. Edit the config.lua
  2. Change the parking size to 10000.0 or anything you like.
  3. Change the notify to false to disable the notification.

ESX Police Job Support

if you want to allow the police to impound the car, please follow this wiki to edit the script: Police impound vehicle support

Not need to edit the script anymore, the script will auto-detect the entity delete then set it as impounded.

From 1.1 update to 1.2

if you are using the old version of esx_realparking, please follow this wiki to update it: Update v1.1 to 1.2

And…this script is built for my server, so it may have some bugs, if you have any issues with this script, please tell me in the reply.



Old Version Links



A new way to parking, I like it.

suggestion, police impound for cars illegally parked inside the parking zones?

good idea, I will try to implement it in next update

Perfect !!

How about some hidden cars? how to Retrieve?


I have Idea for you , if they have item Parking pass then don’t need to pay , i think its easy.

About impounded car < Best script is hrp_pd_impound but not compatible.


i think about this but i not dev, see this scripit is really amazing i test in my future server, i can send one question to you in private?

Thanks, maybe I can try to compatible it with esx_advancedgarage and esx_policejob…

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would be nice if its just compatible with policejob for its impound, have the impound lot spawn the cars and be visible once impounded and player gets close to it and presses key to pay the fine and retrieve it.

if the player left the server when enter the car still there?

Yes, but there is still a lot of work need to be done, for example, script has some performance issues, too many vehicle update in same time will serious low the fps, so I need to find a way to optimize it.

Yes, everyone can see the cars in the parking, whether they’re online or offline


you can try to make a similar garage system to you put the car and save where you want…like kuana_garage…but that its very messy

you know why i get this errors in your scripts? this one and in the deliveries also

then the car its like as no owner

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hello at the time of saving the vehicle is cloned and I throw this error

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same here


When you keep a car all other people’s cars disappear