[WIP] Realistic parking

Since I couldn’t find any realistic parking script that I like, I decided to create my own. The objective is that it is as optimized as possible and without errors. Possibly when it is finished I will post it in the forum. Here is a demonstration of what I have done:

I already know that there is “[ESX] ULTRA Real Life Parking - Optimized”, but it does not convince me and “[RELEASE] ESX Real Parking | Store vehicle like the real life” but it does not work well (cars are duplicated, poor optimization …)

Things done:
-Recognize car parks
-Basic system to park a car (it stays frozen and you store your data on the server)
-If there is no player nearby, the car does not disappear
-Optimized (0.01 background, 0.04 in a parking lot only if you are in a car)
-Communication client-server

Things to do:
-Make compatible with ESX economy
-It identifies if you are the owner of the vehicle
-Cars appear when restarting the server
-Communication server-database

All things that you mention are included on my Ultra Real Parking.

Vehicle generation is completely different and consumption is less

the problem in this kind of parking is wehen ther etoo many cars or custom cars the places will be like dessert

in mine there is exactly the same consumption as if the cars were not parked, there are no looping functions

its not about the consumption but having many custom cars outside the ground is creating texture loss try to put 50 custom cars different