Im sure people have said this before and i just cant find it, but i have an issue:

Ive followed all of the steps and most permissions work for vmenu. The issue is that it still thinks im an Admin even though i dont have my steam hex set as admin/mod, and i tried removing myself as a server admin directly from my hosting service (idk if that worked). I am simply trying to test what works for regular civilians and what doesnt, but either some perms are being given to everyone while only given to mods/admins, or its reading me as an admin still. Any fix?

I’d Like to know this as well.

Hiya whenever I try to put my friends hex in it doesnt work for permissions, we have taken out the letters, there is no spelling mistakes and it still doesnt work does anyone have any ideas or is it screwed?

How is vmenu developer tools disabled timecycle modifier

Disabled for players as per pic, I have tried allsorts

Is there any way to enable Location Blips by default?

Per client, You can. You just need to enable the location blips, and save the settings in the misc menu.
If you where meaning server-sided, you would need to edit the source code, I dont believe there is a config option for it. I will have a look for you :wink:

Was the streamer playing on DOJ? I have a friend who’s a member of DOJ and he was showing me they have a modified version of vMenu like that. Not sure who the author is or if it’s something the DOJ devs whipped up specifically for their server. I’m also wondering if it’s accessible anywhere online.

I am truly out of ideas on where to look anymore so I’m praying someone here can help me out.

I have recently joined a new FiveM server(Jatho Designs server to be specific) and I’ve been trying for the last day to get the vMenu to open on their server. the limited replies ive been able to receive from their team have said clear my cache, check my keybind ect ect the usual. So i did it all even down to complete fresh re-installs of FiveM & GTA 5 too still no luck. If anyone has any clue to how I can fix this I’d appreciate any help I can get.

Can you update this with the streamer/server so we could try to track down the dev team? I’ve seen rumors of this kind of functionality for a while but I could never figure it out or begin to track down a dev team who could. Any sort of identifying info would be helpful here.

It wasn’t DOJ, it was SAF. Screenshot was provided by a friend, but I can get him to track down the streamer if needed. But I do know it was on the SAF server.

Oof ok in my experience their dev team probably isn’t gonna want to talk to anyone, and if they even respond, probably not gonna want to tell you. Things may have changed recently but they’re pretty protective over their dev secrets. You can try talking to them but I’m not sure that’s gonna get results.

how do you give them access to spawn it?

Please say to me How to make full machine name

please to me say how to make more symbols name machine

I have a problem with the vehicle modification option, all mods for body and so are working but if i do the performance option non of these will work. Did i missed something?