Vehicle Options Menu - Liveries, Extras, Doors & Windows. [Standalone]

Hey everyone,

Thought I’d release a vehicles options menu I had been creating and playing around with. It’s a pretty simple code and seen others are charging pointlessly for this kinda menu.

What you can do in the menu?

  • Change vehicle livery
  • Change vehicle extras
  • Open/Close doors
  • Open/Close windows

How do I use the menu?
Make sure to add the addon to the server start up and also the required NativeUI.
Once inside a vehicle you can press F11 to open the menu (can change the button in config.lua).

Requires NativeUI - GitHub - FrazzIe/NativeUILua: Guads NativeUI ( ) in LUA for FiveM

Release: GitHub - Tommo-101/Vehicle-UI: FiveM Vehicle UI Menu using NativeUI.

I may push some updates for this in the future as I have a few things I want to add in but also feel free to contribute to it as well if you want anything added :slight_smile:


good job

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very well done

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nice release!

Could you maybe add the feature that you can use cruise control?

Does this menu prevent the vehicles from fixing themselves when toggling extras? There used to be an extras menu but it was taken down by it’s dev but it prevented people from FailRPing fixing vehicles by toggling extras

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this is amazing, its going to free up 3 resources I’m using to do all the same stuff.
a few things I noticed.
with my current vehicleliverymenu I can pull up a base game car called hotring its like a nascar racer it has 40 or so liverys but It won’t pull up a single one says “nil”

suggestion: maybe have something in the config to set up mouse controls I think it might be common to have it setup that way, the other 3 systems I use have mouse control.

besides all of that. I love this, and really grateful and have lots of respect for coders! have a great day and keep up the good work!

I did try to add this but didn’t get very far due to time restraints. From my testing I was only able to prevent extras being added & removed from the vehicle when it was damaged but not apply the extras regardless of the vehicles health. I will look at this again though when I have some time at the weekend.

Good to see it will be of some benefit to you @Spacetrucker and thanks for the reply.

I hadn’t tested it on vehicles that used liveries from the vehicles mods rather than a actual livery from the model. This was just an oversight and I just tested it to see how it can be resolved. I will look at adding this in if possible at the weekend when I’m free.

Thanks for the suggestion/bug report :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

The focus on this menu was to edit/change appearance while also assisting with roleplay to open windows and doors etc. I hadn’t really thought about adding other vehicle controls but maybe it’s something I could add in an update!

Looking good! Going to give this a test, thanks!

Doesn’t seem to want to work on police cars? Any way I can change that?

custom police car worked for me. dont think the server uses any base game cop cars anymore

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I’ve tested this on multiple addon and base game police cars and seems to be working fine. If you’re having any issues you may have to look to see if you’re getting errors in client console. At the moment I haven’t found any issues.

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Save the damages prior to applying the changes then reapply the damage afterwards.

Maybe a future update could be a Headlights menu and a way for mechanics to set as their personal vehicle so users can sell their cars to the mechanic business to resell.

Very good release!

Is it possible to make it work with sql so when extra is applied, it saves the values in database. So basically when server restart, extra stays on car?

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Can’t seems open the hood and trunk… Any fix for that?

Hi @zweiwork,

Are you sure the vehicle you’re using has a hood and trunk?

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is there a way to lock this so only like an esx job could use it or an ace perm? or soemthing i want only my mechanic to be able to use this for there tow trucks

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Is there any way to get this into krz_personalmenu? I’ve tried it lots of times, but never figure it out