Vehicle Options Menu - Liveries, Extras, Doors & Windows. [Standalone]

Yes, it has. I can open it via Vmenu but not in your script… however other function seems work fine.

is there a way to make this menu for admins only? if so how?

Would it be possible to restrict this to only specific places on the map (LS Customs, Garages, etc.) This would be nice to restrict people from just adding random extras or changing their car as soon as they lose the police around a corner.

Not sure if this will help but it worth a shot



	vehicle --[[ Vehicle ]], 
	value --[[ boolean ]]


  • vehicle: The vehicle to set disable auto vehicle repair.
  • value: Setting the value to true prevents the vehicle from being repaired when a extra is enabled. Setting the value to false allows the vehicle from being repaired when a extra is enabled.

Disables the vehicle from being repaired when a vehicle extra is enabled.

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I am trying to figure out a way to make this open with a chat command instead of the key bind.
I tried adding this…

RegisterCommand(‘extrasmenu’, function(source, args, rawCommand)

Either I put it in the wrong place or it wont work like I expect. Anyone have any ideas how to do this?

anyone finding a solution to disable the repair function with extras ?

would it be possabile to change it so only people with police job can use it

or admins only ^

Any fix on the vehicle fixing itself? Would appreciate it if someone could help me out!

i use this script in a server i am an admin on is there a way stop the extra repairing the car cause it really ruins RP people abuse it


Did you ever get around to making an option for this? We want the extras option for certain cars but we have too many failed RP situations because the car becomes fixed or filled up with gas.

Thank you, and Great work sir!

Anyone know how to make add a marker for this menu

For some reason its not working for me.

Ok so this works for me, but I can’t seem to find more than 1 extra or the original livery for any cars I add? Any idea?

Is there a way you can make this script Job related? Like id only want 1 job to be able to use this menu


i am also looking to bind this to the Mechanic Job

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Any idea how to make the scroll speed slow down? On the side to side options like Liveries it’s nearly impossible to scroll just one spot, it’s always two.

can this only use admins?

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any idea on where in the script you would put this?