VacationLifeRP | Oct 1st Launch

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VLRP is in development, and is seeking out team members who are capable of building up a community, and or those available to contribute code wise. Beta Launch is planned for Oct, 1st, and 1.0 accordingly.

What we have to offer:

Multi Department

  • BCSO, SAST, LSPD, DOJ, LSFD, SAMD : We have actively made sure that departments are ready to launch and have the resources they need to be taken over. Vehicles, Uniforms, Stations, Activities, Tools, Weapons, etc

Streamer Friendly

  • We have dedicated to building a server around those who like to stream, meaning that we will ensure that you can stream without worry, there are anti-tos systems in place in case things get risky.


  • LEO: We have integrated FivePD for All LEO agencies, that have custom callouts depending on department, this is provided for those long nights of quiet city, or lack of crime, and to give a real live environment and interaction with civs, locals all over the state. so keep your head straight never know what might come up. last but not least we have police grappler… it gets spicy.

  • EMS: We have integrated FivePD for EMS to allow for health checkups, and passed out, or wrecked out incidents that you may respond to and we will include more callouts for ems as time goes on, this will also allow for a more interactive time as ems and something to do when times get slow!

  • Firefighter: We have integrated a callout system for Firefighters with numerous locations and events, wild fire, chemical fires, electrical fires, car fires, vehicle wrecks and more

Living a Legal Life

  • We have taken this aspect of the server seriously, as with other portions, we want those wanting to make a honest living to be able to do that with many player owned businesses, from small shops to large scaled business and we made it competitive.


  • TL:DR : We have enough for you to be naughty!

Find out more in server!

Connect Today @ Vacation Life RP /


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Bump looking for quality assurance testers!

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looks promising

Update ! - We are looking for additional members to join our development team. Modelers, Mappers, and Modders.

We are also open to graphic designers, and an individual that has an inspiration for TikTok and producing videos.

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! Bump

Still looking for new members! We are growing slowly but steadily

bumppp come join us, looking for all sorts of player and groups!

Looking for Partners / Streamers / Co Owners / YouTubers looking to help build a new server. If you’re intrested hmu MCS#0999 or join our discord!

Hello! Our first in server event! Casino Game Night get 3k worth of betting for your first night in the new casino :slot_machine: and meet new people!

Invite some friends and share the link you can click this link to sign up! Discord

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