Looking For a FiveM server Who is Looking For Staff

Hi All,

I am an experienced LEO and Staff member who is looking be a high ranked Staff, Police or Dispatcher. I have some real life LEO experience and irl leadership positions as well.
Feel free to contact me with offers for positions. I want to make it clear that helper and jr moderator roles are rather a waste of time for someone of my caliber. Please leave discord server links with more information.

Cheers and good wishes


If still looking we are looking for management +

Many Regards,
TSRP | Hunter White

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Hi, we’re looking for Administrators and Police Officers. If you’re up for it, join below…

Update: Still Looking for a server.

Could join my server we have custom everything put it is a fivepd server

Welcome to LasVegas Roleplay we are a new QBCore community hiring all departments, this is your chance to run any department you want, there will be a few questions to verify you are qualified to handle your department. You can run a business of your choice and we will help make it happen. We have advanced jobs, advanced scripts, many high quality mlo’s for any Roleplay scenes you create, 1000+ vehicles for all motorsports (with racing wheel support otw), 70+ Leo vehicles. Staff sits are NOT to be handled in game so no rp is ruined. We are discord whitelisted until we get some more members, then we will be application whitelisted. JOIN TODAY AND LETS MAKE THIS THE BEST RP SERVER OUT THERE!!! LasVegas Roleplay

We are hiring bro we are new legit brand new like just fully launched yesterday after working on the server for over a month but believe me we are advertising everywhere possible we would love to ask you a couple questions then get you a high rank Leo position as well as staff

Hi James. Department of Authority RP is an upcoming roleplay server and we are currently in the final stages of development. The director has created a custom framework and dmv to make the server unique. Feel free to contact me on discord. Hope to see you soon :slight_smile:

Available Positions:
Department Head - BCSO , LSPD , CIV

Discord Server: Department of Authority RP | doarp.NET

My Discord: Stratex#7312

If you’re looking for a new community, come check us out. We launch Oct, 1st and can use some hype men/women to come and help us build a community around ours and you would be a great fit! We have some staff positions open!

Information → VacationLifeRP | Oct 1st Launch

Discord → Vacation Life RP