Searching for a new home - Developer

Hi everyone, i’m Midsetts.
Now, you may have seen me in servers in the past, or maybe even on github.

Well as of the current situations, i do not have my hands on any servers or am i working on any.

So, that is exactly why i am here. I will list my skills below.

Mind you that i have worked on 15+ servers in the past.

(QBCore Specifically)

  • EUP

  • Frameworks (Economy Based)

  • Community Management

  • EMS

  • LSPD

  • Jobs

  • Jobs Scripting

  • Database Management


  • Professional Literacy


There are many more that i cannot list off of the top of my head at the moment, but do PLEASE feel free to send me a message, or add me on discord for any interest.

Discord: Midsetts#6404

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

You can fill out the developer application at the #information channel in our discord or by typing /apply in any of the available channels…

Hey, I just added you on discord. I got a project I am working on, lets talk.


If you’re looking for a new community, come check us out. We launch Oct, 1st and can use some hype men/women to come and help us build a community around ours and you would be a great fit on our development! We are looking for just one more developer so if you’re interested
@Midsetts just come by and make a ticket and let me pick your brain!

Information → VacationLifeRP | Oct 1st Launch

Discord → Vacation Life RP



do you know your way around quasar?