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As an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer, Universal Emergency Services encourages all potential applicants, regardless of race, gender, color, religion, national origin, or ancestry, to apply for positions within Universal Emergency Services. Minorities and females are encouraged to apply.


To be eligible to take part in the recruitment process for UES, applicants must possess the following qualifications:

  • Minimum 15 years of age at time of appointment
  • Working Computer/Laptop
  • Working headset/microphone
  • Discord Chat App
  • Working copy of Grand Theft Auto V and FiveM
  • A cursory background check may be performed at time of application


  • Knowledge of U.S traffic laws
  • Must be fluent in speaking the English language
  • Must be fluent in writing and reading the English Language
  • Discord name must not be vulgar in nature


A five-phase hiring process will be utilized in assessing applicants. Each phase will be used as a means to determine an applicants suitability for employment as a Universal Emergency Services member.

  1. Application
  2. Oral Assessment
  3. Ranking Interview with Departmental Administration or Executive Administration
  4. Background Investigation
  5. UES Police Officers Standards and Training Academy

Eligibility for appointment is conditional upon the applicants ability to pass each of the five phases. Additionally, a two month probationary period will be required for all new appointments. Two months of service are considered an “on-the-job” analysis of the individuals ability to perform all tasks and maintain all expectations of a UES member. The inability of an individual to qualify or failure to report in any phase of the examination will eliminate that person from further testing and consideration.


The Fleets of UES Roleplay

  • UES Roleplay is a white-listed community. Only members of UES are elgible to participate in our roleplays and server.

  • UES Roleplay utilizes Sonoran CAD

  • UES only recruits individuals for police positions four times a year and only hires a set amount of police trainee’s at any given time. Candidates applying for the position of “Police Trainee” are subject to a competitive hiring process

Visit our website https://uesroleplay.com for more information.

Questions, comments, and concerns can be directed here or to one of our many representatives. Best of luck!


UES Roleplay only recruits 4-6 times a year. Don’t miss out on your first opportunity to join UES today!


I have been an active member with Universal Emergency Services since 2016. UES is the most realistic roleplaying communities on the GTA5 platform and the experience has been nothing short of amazing. If you are looking for a realistic, friendly, and challenging experience I highly recommend applying.


I highly encourage you to take a look at our website & applying if you are looking for a well organized and highly professional organization. I personally have been a memeber of this community since 2014 & I dont regret it. Sticking with UES it has definitely been one of the best choices I have made in my roleplaying career.


This is a great organization. I have been with this community when I was just old enough to join. ( I was 13 at the time). I am now 20 and still a part of this amazing realistic community. UES has tought me to think outside of the box as a civilian. Aswell as teaching me real life law enforcement training. If you are looking for a realistic community i would definitely look into UES, as it has good staff and members surrounding this great community


I have been a member of UES for quite some time, It is by far the best role playing community out there hands down. What I believe makes UES so different than other communities is that everybody role plays with high expectations. We have several members who work in the Law Enforcement Field and bring so much knowledge and experience to the table. Do not hesitate to apply, there is a reason that UES keeps its members!


Do you guys have a form of communication I may speak with someone regarding something before joining?

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Absolutely. What’s your discord name? We can have a representative contact you directly.


I sent it in a PM for privacy reasons :slight_smile:


yall look outdated

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Hey Deputy101! Thank you for the feedback!

We only post information we deem as relevant and important on our recruitment posts. We find posting pictures of vehicles and scenes is cliche and doesn’t serve a purpose for those who are seeking genuine information on how to join UES Roleplay.

We highly encourage you to check out our website https://uesroleplay.com for more information on our community and perhaps that modern look you’re searching for.


I have looked at your guy’s website and it looks outdated XD Looks old like the peds, there’s like minimal pictures in the website or in this FiveM post so I dont know what ill be getting into. Just my opinion though


Our website just received a remodel after having the same appearance for many years. We’re extremely proud of the work our development team did. Our community recently made the transition from the Xbox platform to PC and as a result some of the pages on our website still feature pictures from our days on Xbox.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. We encourage you to contact a representative and ask questions to learn more about us as opposed to posting criticisms. Nonetheless, we thank you for your feedback and encourage you to check our website in the future for updated pages.


I’ve been with UES for a few years now. And since the day I first viewed the website, I’ve never had a doubt in mind of my membership and it’s never crossed my mind of leaving. Our events are conducted in a specific way that is special to UES, and I don’t believe any other community can mimic it effectively. In UES, you always have a voice and you feel like a valued and respected member. Everything from our events to our ranking structure is fine tuned and professional, and the opportunity to move up in position and rank is always available, but is much more difficult a majority of other communities as we demand standards of all staff. If you’ve been searching for a structured and professional community, UES is for you.


I’ve been apart of UES for almost a year now and i can say i wouldnt want to be apart of any other community but, Universal Emergency Services. I left my position as Director of Law Enforcement with another community, to join UES. By far the best decision ive ever made. To give an insight as how professional UES is, You are trained and schooled on basic Law Enforcement Training during the UES academy for LEO’s. Some of the information i learned in UES on GTA 5, i learned a week later in my Criminal Justice Class while attending college. I wouldnt trade this community for anything. Being a veteran of the military i love loyalty, brotherhood, and the evryone is family atmosphere. You will find that in UES, and it is amazing!!


Don’t miss your chance to join one of the best! Contact a representative today for questions and visit our website for information!


As a veteran member of UES and the current Sheriff of the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, I, and many others, truly cannot recommend this community enough to anyone seeking a professional roleplay environment. UES offers opportunities for anyone and everyone looking for an emergency service based roleplay community, and there is room for personal and professional development for all members in every agency and subdivision, even for our civilian team. One of the reasons that our standards are so high is in part because several of our community members are or have worked in the emergency service field, and all bring their real life experiences into our roleplays to better the immersion and experience for everyone involved. My personal career in UES has been six years in the making and I hope that others will find the same experience here that I continue to have every day.


Thank you to all of our staff for your kind words and support! For those of you who are learning about UES for the first time, don’t miss out on your chance to join! If you have questions, we want to hear them! Supply us your discord name and we can have a representative contact you.


One of the many unique things about Universal Emergency Services (UES) is that the organization encompasses more than one agency. Specifically, more than one law enforcement agency. Most law enforcement roleplay organizations on any number of platforms typically force their newcomers into one set agency, where they are expected to learn a specific set of rules and guidelines. But with UES, new members have several options available to them when it comes to selecting a career path within the organization, to include full-time civilian roles and non-law enforcement agencies. Each agency has its own set of rules and guidelines that are unique to the agency and typically do not reflect other agencies within the organization, which creates variety for members. UES also does not limit its members to a set jurisdiction/area within the world of Los Santos. UES members, both law enforcement and civilians, regularly will utilize the entire FiveM map to produce scenarios and enjoy the scenery. From the concrete jungle metropolis, to the vast bodies of water that surround the county, nothing is off limits. Patrol your beat as a Police Officer with the Los Santos Police Department. Explore your county as a Patrol Deputy with the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office. Or, if you’re up for the challenge, monitor the high speed interstates within the State of San Andreas as a State Trooper and deter crime anywhere and everywhere within the entire state. UES is your oyster. Come apply and be a part.

-Arkham Blue, State Trooper (Staff, 5-Year Member)


Don’t miss out on your chance to join! Apply today!