The Diamond Casino Heist & Arcade Interiors

nope sorry, i never did. I ended up with a different casino map. and started to use a totally different map for an arcade bar with working TVs, the arcade bar is a fairly new release in the releases section of this forum the map even comes with a job and the TVs there work with no issue. Goodluck with future projects!

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Im sure its possible, i’ll have a look into it

I have a problem with the arcade mlo. When I start it on my fivem server with the latest version that includes cayo perico crashea
Someone have any solution?

loving the casino but for some reason i can not go thought the main door it almost opens then i cant walk thought it its like there is a wall behind it anyone help thank you

you need to add or change this to your server.cfg

set sv_enforceGameBuild "2060"

please do it haha i use all your bank heist work and others, its great!

I would like to see a version for projects that do not allow teleparts
That is, the entrance and exit entered part of the interior, without a teleport

hi there just wondering i already have a casino in my city just dont have the rest of the stuff to go with it like the vault room ect is there a way i could add all the extra stuff but not the casino its self?

Is there a way to merge this with the other casino that allows you to walk in? Would be insane if they all were integrated into one MLO