The Diamond Casino Heist & Arcade Interiors

two questions
one. is there a way or a setting to close that “secret” door?
two. when i use /mapper on one of the black tv screens it gives me this number 1385453452 I need to know the prop name so i can get hypnonema working on the screens. anyone know the prop name?

how did you edited arcade in cw? I can’t see it, it’s ipl I think.

When i test it out, it work fine for me.
But when i get some friends in some of the places does not load for them but it load for me.
know how to fix it?
and the vault door does not show up ingame, so you can just go right in - how to add the door and make so it can open and close.

Where is the tunnel?

This was my plan. Tried it, works 80%, the other 20% is the exterior’s lights/lod flickering and on the roof top. Whether I use that exterior or stream it myself from the files in my gta 5 directory.

For singleplayer? Please. :innocent:

you can use simple trainer to load online interiors in single player o.O

coords of the arcade?

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Arcade Coordinates:

X: 2737.96
Y: -374.23
Z: -48.0

thanks you!!! :slight_smile:

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Does anyone know how I can make sure that the chairs are not thrown and everything else? My casino is messy, I know you can with the requestipl but I don’t know how to do it

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the cleaned casino is a different casino which is under the actual casino exterior. This resource is purely to load the hacked and “messy” casino. There are other resources for the casino you’re looking for, but you won’t be able to access the vault etc. doing a requestipl wouldn’t make a difference with this casino, as it’s in a different location. You either need a resource to load it, or you need to force your gamebuild to the latest version so that you can load them.

Locations can be found here: List of all online interiors

and you probably want this: Srp_ipl (An easily configurable IPL Loader)

Is there any chance making the “arcade” map work on the latest build that implement cayo perico?
The ymap id’s is the same so it does not work as it is.

You can probably go into the config file of this, and do the RequestIPL and request interior prop, or whatever the command is, then use the code that’s in this release, to set up the arcade the way you want it :thinking::man_shrugging:

I can’t get the front door to lock! Are you sure its called
Arcade door: ch_prop_ch_entrance_door_derelict

FiveM_GTAProcess 2021-03-04 16-14-20|690x388 ck

This can be combined with Diamond Enterable MLO??

The arcade always was buggy hope this helps!

Is there still a plan to implement it?