The Diamond Casino Enterable MLO

This is basically the interior from the casino update, it’s possible to enter it with out having to use tp.

The Penthouse isnt included. I know the stairs are a little buggy, but ill be fixing that soon.

Please do not reupload this anywhere without my permission. All the files are unlocked so do whatever you want, but if you use it remember to give credits.


Blame @TerbSEC for how the stairs are made :rofl:

Credits to @Smallo for helping with the exterior.
Shoutout to dexyfex for making Codewalker!
Shoutout to 3Doomer for making Gims EVO!



How about FPS impact on clients? We already tried many times to optimize Casino, but its too much for streaming and its laggy af when all assets are streamed.


What? You can stream the entire LC map without ‘lag’ (other than that caused by the map itself), there’s no such thing as ‘too much for streaming’.


Nice, release man:)

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Nice release - Could you maybe release your autovaerksted too?


Thanks man and you will be the one I am blaming for the stairs :rofl:

sorry, i didnt mean that its too much for server, but too much for clients… probably too many streamed assets loading, disabling penthouse (as here) is helpful, but exteriors itself has noticable performance impact on clients.

It is recommended to upload file on github, or any other site that doesn’t use ad earn.

I am not really familiar with GitHub but I might have to try it out :smiley:

No you don’t upload maps to GitHub. It’s not a place for this sort of thing.

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no? and if it does provide a trace?



Please add Penthouse interiors

Just tested it out and it works good. Not having to use a teleporter is hand down the best. The exteriors are not overdone and the stairs seem fine to me as well. I didn’t find an invisible collisions that I have ran into on other casino maps.

There shouldn’t be really any streaming issues. The issues might be the client’s system is not up to par but that is not the map. I lost 4 frames for like 1 sec while it loaded in but that was only at the doors.

Awesome work Mr. Brown


I might add the penthouses in the future, but if I do they will definitely be enterable with doors.


there is a version with the penthouse included :slight_smile:

Wonderful release, MrBrown is a beast!

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This is what happens every time I try to add the Casino building to my server, I tried creating my own resource a while back and then it even happens with this resource. I can’t figure out why it’s happening.

The quality gets worse the closer the player gets:

do you have the OCRP Race track installed?

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Works fine with the OCRP track installed on my server.

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