[Standalone & ESX] [Release] Flash Badge Script

Flash Badge

This script allows you to flash your badge to other people.

It comes with a config file for you to be able to easily customize the script.


  • Animation with prop
  • Ability to either use a command, keybind, or both
  • Each client can customize their keybind
  • Fully customizable
  • Has support for ESX


To be Added:

  • Custom prop (ETA: Unknown)
  • ESX Support (ETA: 29/5/2021)


Example Config
config = {
    useESX = false, -- If you are using this script for an ESX server set this to true, if not leave it at false
    ESXJobs = { -- Add your law enforcement jobs for ESX

    acePermissionName = 'flashBadge', -- Example for config: add_ace group.leo "flashBadge" allow

    useCommand = true, -- If enabled will allow you to do a command (specified in commandName) to flash your badge
    commandName = 'badge', -- The name of the command used to flash your badge
    commandSuggestion = true, -- Puts suggestion in chat for the command
    commandErrorMessage = 'You are not a law enforcement officer!', -- Message to show to people who try to do the command but don't have the permissions

    useKeybind = true, -- If enabled will allow you to use a keybind to flash your badge (keybind is customizable in the GTA V keybinds setting menu)
    keybind = 'g', -- Starting keybind (each client can customize their own keybind in the GTA V keybinds menu)

    propName = 'prop_fib_badge', -- The name of the badge prop




If video doesn’t work.



How to Install
  1. Download the latest release
  2. Rename the resource to just “flashBadge”
  3. Configure the config.lua file
  4. Add to your server.cfg ensure flashBadge




Github | Download


wow very cop!

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how do i install???

Hi preview video is not for this script but good work

the preview was a panic button .

and how to set certain job that can access this thing ? setjob to police also cant make it work

Hey sorry about that, it should be fixed now.

Preview should be fixed now.

Currently it is only available through ace permissions but I will look into adding ESX support in the future.

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Follow the instructions listed in the “How to Install” tab.

okay then tq :slight_smile:

Btw should be like this ?

add_ace group.police “flashBadge” allow

because i cant make it work . always show that im not a part of law enforcement


I got the same problem - could you post a sample how to put the ace permission inside?

i also dont have idea how it’s work

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when you show badge, other player can see a image?

I am not sure what you mean by this?

@JBStyleRP @porterslug Hey, sorry for the confusion you have to remove the quotes so for example

add_ace group.police flashBadge allow

Later today I will update the comment next to the acePermissionName line to make it more clear.

i dont know what happen . still cant use the badge :frowning:

Can you send me the line you have for the ace permissions (in your server.cfg)?

add_ace group.police flashBadge allow

same as you ask me to do

I put this three in my server.cfg

add_ace group.police flashBadge allow
add_ace group.swat flashBadge allow
add_ace group.fbi flashBadge allow

Restarted my server - changed the key ingame (because “g” was used): nothing happens
Set me inside policejob, get on duty: nothing happens

2021-05-27 19_10_52-● server.cfg - Visual Studio Code

Any ideas why?

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Very nice release! I got my custom badge model in, reworked, and ready to go. Amazing work!

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how to make it works ?