LG Identification Badge | Supports Multiple Department Layouts | Standalone & Fully Configurable

LG Identification Badge

New Free Release by LG Development!

What does it do?

This script is used for any roleplaying server that needs a good and modern way to display their identification.
It is fully modular, and can be edited to use any framework. This also comes with three default templates, you can add more via the config & HTML file.


  • Fully Standalone
  • Fully Editable
  • No Database Required, Saves locally.
  • Function Callbacks already made in config.
  • Display ID both visually and physically
  • Uses Onesync Positioning (Prevents event exploiting)
  • Works with multiple department templates & color schemes.


  • /showid: Shows your identification card.
  • /editid: Edits your identification card.

Want to start using this? Great!



-- ESX Job Check.
Config.Functions.CanDisplayIdentity = function() -- Client Check to see if the player can show their identity
    local ESX = exports["es_extended"]:getSharedObject()
    local PlayerData = ESX.GetPlayerData()
    if (PlayerData.job.name ~= "police" and PlayerData.job.name ~= "ambulance") then
        return false 
        return true

-- QBCore Job Check.

Config.Functions.CanDisplayIdentity = function() -- Client Check to see if the player can show their identity
  local QBCore = exports['qb-core']:GetCoreObject()
  local player = QBCore.Functions.GetPlayerData()
  local jobName = player.job.name or QBCore.Functions.GetPlayerData().job.name
  if (jobName == "police" or jobName == "ambulance") then
    return true
    return false

Amazing script, would love to see more!

W standalone, W developer. Cant wait to see me content!

w script, previewed it to my server and people are already in love

When I try save the data ingame. its keeps the mouse on, causing you beeing stuck in the menu

Great little free script! Thanks for this!

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Did you change the resource name? If so, you need to edit that in the Java

no, only thing i added more departments

is the badge shown to anyone else than the client ?

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Yes, the badge is shown to everyone in the radius configured in the config.lua

There would likely be an Error in F8 if this were to happen, can you screenshot it and send a reply with it?

Nah, everything is working, all good, just when you download it, you do not execute function in editid, other than that its working perfectly fine :slight_smile:

Make sure to name the file LG-Identification otherwise it wont work. Or in the Java adjust it to get the parent resource name.

no i just think people should add

RegisterCommand("editid", function()
end, false)

Anyways, to the OP and anyone, can someone help me implement getmugshot ? if anyone knows how to do it, lmk

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Yep you’re correct!

I’ve patched the resource in version 1.0.3


GetPedMugshot would be nice to use, I just dont know how to turn it into a image that’s usable by the script. If anyone knows hit me up here!

are you able to make this USE a item to show the badge ?

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Sure, I can look into doing that.

For which framework?


i allready have a paid version but this looks like it is going to be better

amazing bro nice after long time