[vRP] [ESX] AntiCheat for FiveM

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:warning: WARNING

This resource is official by @HackerGeo

My personal custom scripts that i’ve made / used for my vRP based server.
I’ve recently released them on my personal Github and i had people reposting them somewhere else under their name so.

:warning: Do not try to copy these resources

:page_with_curl: Installation

  • Start the resource in server.cfg
  • Add in server.cfg so: add_ace resource.hg_anticheat command.sets allow
    Add premission to vrp/cfg/groups.lua so anticheat.settings
  • Delete Cache (of course if you want)
  • Restart the server

:cloud: DOWNLOAD ESX: GitHub (thank you @schwim)

:cloud: DOWNLOAD vRP v1.7.6: GitHub


Moved to #development:releases

So why release this if it’s not compatible. Releases should work properly when released. Broken / Not working releases may be taken down. I’d suggest updating it to be ‘full compatible’.

Also add a description of what your resource is whether using text, screenshots, videos etc.




Thanks mult Very fain


Does this work on esx?


Yes. You can test😇
Excuse my english​:muscle:t2::sweat_smile:

i am getting an error somthing about missing a vrp

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give me a photo?

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I think this isn’t made by you. Why you said it works on esx when you have a dependecy for vrp?

@caulin_games try to remove the dependecy for vrp. in _resource.lua


Add Function ban in DB.


Add this after GHMattiMySQL and before EasyAdmin in your Resource Start Order, then make sure that

set ea_custombanlist "true"

is set in your server config file.

Done! EasyAdmin-MySQL-GHMatti will handle the rest automatically, do note that your banlist will have to be converted manually.

new update is in coming

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Hi ! Can you update download link to version 1.5.0. Is still the old version on download. Thank you !

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hi bro! (https://github.com/HackerGeo-sp1ne/HG_AntiCheat)

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I have a question for you. Why this version will delete NPC’s ? Can be fixed?

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yes this version will delete npcs

It should probably be mentioned in the OP of the topic that this is for VRP servers only.

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Also, out of curiosity, does this even do anything?

if whitelisted == nil 

As far as I can see, there’s no whitelisting system in the resource.

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Please made this for esx

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Hello, how can I disable the NPC remove anticheat function? Could you explain me? I love it, but it’s deleting the NPCs I use on my server, and that’s bothering me …