Senior Developer Looking for work | STATUS Available

Vehicle Development

  • Modelling: No
  • Livery Making: Yes
  • Police Light Color Changing: Yes
  • Handling Fixing: Yes
  • Broken Police Car Lights Fixing: Yes

Clothing Development

  • Modelling: Yes
  • Texturing: Yes
  • Combining: Yes

MAP Development

  • Customize Ymaps : Yes
  • Add Ymaps: Yes
  • Create from Scratch: NO

Script Development

  • Will I Code you Scripts From Scratch: NO
  • Will I help you repair a script or replace it with a better one: YES (NON ESX)
  • Will I configure you scripts: YES
  • Will I Install Scripts For You: YES

Website Development

  • Setup a Forums Website for you with Applications, Department status, Discord Link, Staff Ranks and Member Ranks

  • Make you a Portfolio Website using JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Misc Development

  • vMenu Permissions Configuring With Discord or Steam: Yes
  • EasyAdmin Permissions Setup
  • TeamSpeak Server Channels Setup
  • TeamSpeak Server Groups Setup
  • Rosters, LEO Documents
  • Setup SonoranCAD Plugins for you
  • TeamSpeak Banner
  • FiveM Server Banner
  • Discord Bot Setup
  • Set up your VPS for you to be ready for FiveM adding resources and
  • Set up TeamSpeak server on your VPS

Machine Knowledge

  • Windows Server 2016-2019
  • Linux Machine (Ubuntu 20.04, Parrot OS)

Contact Information

Discord: MDM#9389



I’m looking for experienced developers

must have teamspeak

Update 1.0.1

  • Christmas Lights around the Map
  • Custom Clothing For Civilian and Law Enforcement
  • New Scripts
  • Admin Menu

hey bro just join but cant see any thing in the discord sever

that’s not correct

Looking For LEO Supervisors and Staff team applications open!!!


Staff Patrols to monitor around the server







Hey everyone new update for this awesome post/

Can’t seem to add your discord

Please add my discord: ALASKDPXPEKXIEQPQP#4457

I have some questions


New upadate people