[MLO] Night Club Maisonette 10


Tony Prince has returned to Los Santos to create his new brainchild!
Maisonette 10 is a continuation of the legendary Maisonette 9 club!
Decorate your city with a new nightclub, where your friends can drink a glass of wine or a strong vodka Cherenkov!


  • 3 entrance
  • Cloakroom
  • Head room
  • Big hall
  • Vip hall
  • Vip entrance
  • Service entrance
  • Very optimized
  • HD textures
  • And more…

Video: Night Club Maisonette 10 [MLO]
Purchase: Tebex Store [45,99€]

FIX (21.04.21):

- fixed blinking, invisible props and ped.

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Waiting for video

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Video is done! Check topic)

Uooooow very beautiful

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Looks good man!

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Pretty good dude! just a few minor bugs, implemented it into my server and its made other base game models disappear, as well as the tables and items on tables break, the table up near the DJ deck if you stand on it the rails disappear and half the MLO as well.

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Hi! Send me screens with bug and i fix that, if its my problem

I checked your problem and i not have his on my server or server my friends. Check your mods on your server or any mlo around


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cool tkh

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Yeah, I’ve disabled everything and it’s still occuring, I’ll ask someone else to test it out

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Ok. But i not have problem. I check 3 times on my server and full-mod-server my friends

Let you know how I go!

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ok! Just send me message later if problem will be still

Fix done! See topic!

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7. Night Club Maisonette 10 [MLO]

Purchase (Tebex or write in PM  if you want  pay without tax and commission @Freedmanh ): https://freedmanhdesign.tebex.io/category/1777394
FiveM Post:  https://forum.cfx.re/t/mlo-night-club-maisonette-10/2700847

While retextured, this is still using original GTA IV assets. It is not permitted to sell Rockstar content.