💰 Robberies Creator [ESX/QBCore] - in-game heists creation menu without server restart

Hello, what notifications are you referring to?

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does this script make a files which contains the scripts i have made every one individual , or i have to run this script to make it work ,
i have a local server and a server i want to test and create the scripts on my local server and then move the created scripts to my server ???

Hello, there is a BUG! in your script.
Invincible players (GOD MODE) also get killed (damaged) from gas.
please add a check for “GetPlayerInvincible” and if yes → no damages to them.
for example admins who spectate will get killed caused by your script.

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Update 2.7.3

  • Added blacklisted jobs for heists, they can be edited in integrations/sh_integrations.lua
  • Added various warnings in case a heist configuration is wrong, to help administrators
  • Added event in documentation for heist finish
  • Added lethal gas bypass for admins using invincibility (useful when spectating a player)

Incredibly versatile, but still a little limited. Adding the lethal gas bypass is big. Thanks for that. I have a couple questions/comments/requests.

  1. I love the robbable objects ie, cash/gold/diamonds… i have used this option as invisible to give the impression the robbers are stealing off counters and shelves. Really cool. As for safes… Do we only have the dial/tumbler option? It would be cool if we had the option to drill or blow torch a safe. Those animations are great and gives us a little more variety to create more unique heists using this powerful script. Is this possible to achieve?

  2. Is 39 the only amount that we can recieve from robbable objects like the cash/diamonds/gold off the trolly? Is there a way that I am missing to make this less?

  3. Lastly, the hackable panel does have some decent minigame options. Are there more minigame options other then bruteforce, finger print, datacrack, lockpick, memory and the safe dials?

Thank you! Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

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Hi, I’m happy you like it

The amount is fixed to the objects you grab from the trolley, it can’t be changed

The default available minigames are the ones you mentioned, for hackable panel you can add/edit the ones you want since the file of minigames is editable

I just want to make sure I understand this right.

The hackable panel has options that we can define, but not with the safes though correct? The dial is our only option?

First of all, I would like to express my praise again. You are one of the few script creators from whom it is worth buying a script in terms of scope and support, even if you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket, you will benefit in the long term.

Now a few suggestions from me

1.It would be cool if there was a placeable npc that you can threaten to give you an item like a key

  1. it would be very practical if you could also place individual items or easily searchable cabinets that are not based on a safe or trolley model

Good job and
best regards from me

(sorry for my bad english but im german XD)


Thank you very much for the kind words :grin:

Robberies Creator: Guards patrolling areas - custom path for patrols point to point and detection proximity range of the player.

I think that would be good, something more enhanced.

Add option at robberys to remove X% of money from X Society funds!

Update 2.8.2

  • Added Czech translations
  • Have a possibility to hide the tooltip that appears to press E

  • Create a new event that returns the coordinate, with that I can put a target in place, being possible to use ox-target or qb-target

  • That way, I can have more responsiveness in question than using it locally, or follow the idea below

  • One option would be to already have this integration inside the script and just something configurable if it shows the tooltip or by target, without me having to change / disable anything in the code

Update 2.8.4

  • Added warning in case the item label can’t be retrieved for any reason

Suggestion: It would be great if you could make a percentage setting, as a profit. E.g. that you get 5% bread and 95% in the case then for example WATER

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Update 2.8.6

  • Disabled automatic shared object refresh by default, now it will refresh automatically when editing/creating/deleting jobs with Jobs Creator to improve performance

why does this only work for police, not for army or something, would be better if i could decide who gets the dispatch, like human labs which is only for army or something like that

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Hello, you can decide the police jobs names in integrations/sh_integrations.lua file

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Update 2.9.2

  • Added a warning message in case your server doesn’t allow current_config.json overwrite (causing the issue that doesn’t update the settings)

Robberies Creator 2.11

  • Added auto detection of inventory (with ox-inventory and qs-inventory)
  • Fixed error that happened with qs-inventory