💰 Robberies Creator [ESX/QBCore] - in-game heists creation menu without server restart

Is there a option for a Glascutting step? example(cutting glass to steal neckless out of glasbox)

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Hello, there isn’t

Suggestion: Add 3rd eye (qb-target) support. Since almost every qbcore server uses this.

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Whether ox_inventory is supported

Are you planing to add this function?

Amazing Script. Im a Happy customer of all jacksam scripts but this one just blowed my mind. Not only the functionality also the easy config and Setup that even a toast can understand this.

Amazing work.

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maybe you could take the drilling of the truck robbery still with in the normal robbery that you also have to drill lockers in the bank as a task

I’m very happy to hear you like my scripts :grin:

Would it be possible to add panels/doors that can be used without having to play a minigame?

For instance if i hide a keycard or a key as a searchable item and they actually find it, they would be able to open a door without having to hack or lockpick it.
I want my players to be possible to either act smart and stealthy or just bruteforce their way in.

In that regards i would also love if we could set a probability if an alert gets triggered. So they could get lucky that the alert doesn’t get triggered until the last step of the heist.

Hello i suggest the put not encrypted, for clothing because script for qb-clothing its very bad and caused very issue for server, and compatible for any related clothing

This script doesn’t have any feature of clothing

Hello Team :slight_smile:


An Option to speak with an NPC (like a client) to start a
Rob/Heisst. Optional with Info which items are necessary.

Have a nice day

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Robberies Creator 2.12

  • Added Hungarian language

Great Script, Love everything about it. Really enjoy the options to allow you to really define Heists.
one question…Is is possible to have the payout accounts have the Marked bills option?
All I see is Bank, Cash, Crypto…why not marked bills?

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Hi, use black_money account for that, you can write it manually

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Thank You I will try that

ok, I tried that and it works using denomination of reg black_money, however we have multiple forms of this tinder, when I change to the denomination wanted it applies just the same dirty money, even if using a different target name.

I am having an issue with the amount quantity as when it asks I set to 1 to find base value, which is $278 pulling cash 3, I add quantity and the value doesnt change after completing the task. Not sure what I am doing wrong

Haven’t played it yet, but from what I’ve seen in vids, the whole idea is really awesome! It’s something I’ve always had a thought about, and resources like these could really make for some great rp scenarios.

I do have a few suggestions which I think could improve the gameplay of this script further:

  1. More lootables, such as the tiny briefcases or artifacts that can be placed in a lockbox (can be found in other heist scripts)

  2. silver billion, which can be the same model as gold bullion but in silver colour

  3. crates and crate cutting mechanics that can be used in train heists for example.

  4. new safe option, like the safe used in the cayo perico heist in gta online (to store bearer bonds for example)

  5. glass cutting and/or drilling for jewels/artifacts kept inside glass enclosures and drilling for safety deposit boxes.

  6. Different vaults for different MLOs (to fit the scenario), and hard drives that can be stolen (for example, a lifeinvader heist to steal top secret data).

Just a few ideas that I think could open up more creative rp scenarios. Other than that, one of the best scripts out there imo :slight_smile:


Hello, some options you are talking about were added in 3.0 version

Oh that’s cool, could you specify which ones?

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