Renzu_clothes - Advanced Clothe shop and Wardrobe | Clothing shop

if i leaving the shop without paying it spawns npc to kille me ? LOL why is thisso

hi friend i would like to know if it is possible to withdraw the option of merryweather when the clothes are not paid?
I find that too excessive.
thank you

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i just forget to remove it from my local copy.

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Great thank you friend for your answer

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Olá boa tarde,eu sou novo nisto e não sei como assesar ao servidor dGTA RP

What skin creator do you use though ? I have to replace the one I have now to use the clothing shop as it had everything in one and would mess up making me invisible when I used the shop changing it fixed it but it’s hard to find them :weary::joy:

any, just use skinchanger latest from ESX Legacy repo.

Hi, first of all sorry for my bad english . I love this script but there is a problem i found. For example if i have no cash and i add clothes to my cart then try to buy it , i get notification as i dont have cash but clothes on my cart still stays on me. Is there a fix for it ?

Hey, will dpclothing be able to work with this?

@Renzuzu nice Script and nice design, but i need your help or from anybody else.
The script works well, but when i just walk through the point in the shop the ! icon comes and it doesnt go away, the icon is stuck. Do anyone know ho to fix it?

is renzu response for this questions ?? or he just stopped making scripts ?? :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:

He might be busy. I think he will answer to the questions whenever he has time.

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yah i think so

we appreciate him fantastic works :heart_eyes:

are you still helping out with this script evertime i go into the menu to change my clothes my players skin resets back to default also is there a way to freeze all commands while in the menu when i click i punch

oh oh :frowning: stepsis is stuck… whats the problem here? esx legacy

I have the same Problem

do you have any error code in your f8 console? it will make it easier to help

i think thats a small minor bug you just have to walk away from it it seem like it has a distance thing with it so it does stay for a while but it does go away when you walk around .

okay so strangely i just noticed when i try to buy shoes it works an all but then army comes attack me nonstop im confused on what and what to do to fix that its never happened before until now.

Can you please make it for vRP i really need it