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The Blacklist dont worked on me if i do more than 1 id {114], <— its ok but {114,2}, <— not blacked

How can I create just a additional wardrobe? For example in the office from the mechanics.

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having a problem too sir @Renzuzu when you buy clothes without money… they pop up no money cabron but the clothes is already saved to the player…

copy and paste other shop… then set to false the ‘showall’ then put the coords of your additional wardrove… set together with coord and wardrobe… and done :slight_smile: this script is really awesome… tnx @Renzuzu :partying_face:

arms are very bug :c

Someone know whats the name of the arrows and the blue bar?
How can i Translate the Name of the Kategorie? Skinchanger?

Thanks a lot <3

how can i sort my shops? we added modded clothes for pd,gangs etc and they’re all in the shops so everyone can buy them. can someone can explain me how to do that?

how can I add a wardrobe into a mlo? like a business wardrobe for employees? i use qbcore, but very stumped on this.