Renzu_clothes - Advanced Clothe shop and Wardrobe | Clothing shop

:free: renzu_clothes

#Clothe Shop #Clothing Shop # clotheshop

  • Fivem Advanced Clotheshop and Wardrobe

:ideograph_advantage: Main Feats

  • Unique Clothe Shopping Experience
  • Unique Clothing Management
  • Fully Configurable

:womans_clothes: Features

  • Multiple clothing Shop
  • Advanced Wardrobe Inventory
  • Labelized Clothe
  • Clothing Images for Better Clothe Shopping Experience
  • Configurable Price in all Clothing Variants ( Draw and Texture ID) (Advanced Usage)
  • Preconfigure Clothing Price for all clothing variants
  • Multiple Categorized Shop Displaying
  • Support Single Shop for all clothing variants
  • Multiple Payment Methods (cash and bank)
  • Cloth Index Blacklisting (drawable ids) for better shop management
  • Job Owned clothe Shop (default police) Income Tax
  • Exportable Functions for Advanced Usage . eg. Housing. (Wardrobe and Clothe Menus)

:arrow_down: Download

:framed_picture: Demos

  • :video_camera: Video


  • Support for Non Skinchanger
  • Support Other Framework



  • Download From Github
  • rename it to renzu_clothes
  • Import SQL renzu_clothes.sql
  • ensure renzu_clothes


  • i only created this because i was creating a Housing Script and wardrobe is needed, and instead of making the player housing wardrobe a standalone, i decide to create this script for that purpose.
  • Issues must be Handled only in Github Issues Section
  • Support Only in Github

Exports Advanced Usage

  • Open Clothing Wardrobe
  • Open Clothing Menu

clothe shop # clothing shop # clothing


You’re doing this job very well, my friend, and fivem for free won’t find anyone like you.


Nice, well done!

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new DlC included?



This fetch what currently your system game build support.

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hi this is a fantastic job and thank you making this free for us :partying_face:

i have a question that how i can put custom clothes on that menu ?


If its replaced custom eup clothing.

Forked the carmap in my repo.
Upload the custom images for clothing
And change the NUI url git images.

Not sure if this is what you are asking

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I think they’re asking can items from streaming clothing sources, sometimes mis-labeled as “EUP” can be added to the menu system. I would think that EUP would trip this up unless you had the exact thumbnails and descriptions that went with the numbers. But I’m no expert.

Disclaimer: I am neither a developer nor a programmer.

yah this one i asking

because on default clothes shop when i put custom clothes its will show on the menu without doing nothing but even this contain images also i had no idea how this work with custom clothes

thank you for response

It looks like someone made thumbnails and descriptions of everything. Tedious work. :slight_smile:

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If it works on default clotheshop
Eg. Esx clotheshop

Without doing anything.

This script should work like that.
But for images you have to replace it. Or upload it

If you want help doing this you can open a github issues

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Not to ask you to give away all your secrets, @Renzuzu , but how did you make all the thumbnails? This could help those of us with custom streaming clothing build a menu of our own. Or, it is possible to get a developer’s installation of the standard EUP-stream if you’re willing to put in the time. But what you have here is a tremendous amount of work, my friend.

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Images is provided by @DurtyFree.
You can directly message him how he did that.

Afaik this is gta files as images are label as dlc_xxx

So if you are gonna make some custom clothing image
It should be manual cutting or
Exporting the ydr image using openiv

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Basically I have wrote an tool that converts cloth model & texture files to some generic format (GLTF) which most 3d browsers support. This generic model is then simply captured as an image.

I made this for my public clothes browser over at Pleb Masters: Forge (can’t share the link here as its blocked for some reason - feel free to contact me on why?)
Maybe some day I will release a tool or add a web tool where people can just drop their clothes to generate the thumbnails

//edit; Site is not blocked anymore, here’s the link:


I will have to look into that. Manipulation with OpenIV is something I have put off learning right now. I have a hard enough time with simply learning Lua and not catching things on fire.


very good script, but if you notice when you put your clothes on, if it doesn’t go through the cashier you still have the clothes, at least I wear clothes by item, there should be something that you put them on when you pay

Thank you,
You can put clothes when you only add to cart or update cart.

There is two type of shopping here.

Adding to cart
Or buying them directly with the submenu.
It will tell you the clothes will go tru directly in wardrobe.

I was also thinking using or supporting item.
Just lacking a logic/idea for that right now.

But i will only support ox inv for that.

Notsure if this is what you mean

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Hello, you do really great works. I run a FiveM blog with Fivem Scripts. Would I be allowed to post your system on my blog? I will of course link your video as well as this topic.

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