Renzu_clothes - Advanced Clothe shop and Wardrobe | Clothing shop

@Renzuzu eally good script the only problem I have is with the prices, I would like to change the price of the clothing but the code has about 10 000 lines and it would take me a whole life to edit it.

you can use the multiplier config. to set the price higher or lower

I need one help.
How to disable that, NPC came & shooting while we left the shop without paying ?

Can you pls help me

you can comment out using -- this line, i forget to remove this in my local copy :laughing:

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You too cool Buddy…

Thnx for your help
I love your all scripts :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I found 1 small correction

SetBlipColour (blip, v.blips.coord)
SetBlipColour (blip, v.blips.color)

Now you can change color for Blips :v:t2:

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And another one more :

Default female dress Fix

in client/client.lua
need changes in 4 lines =
647, 655, 783, 791

TriggerEvent(‘skinchanger:change’, k, v.m_default or 0)


TriggerEvent(‘skinchanger:change’, k, v.f_default or 0)

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Thanks ill examine the code

If you want you could do a github PR :blush:

I made a Pull Request. :v:t2:

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I have another doubt,

If I click that, its shows to put the Amount.
After I enter the Amount : 100 , then it stored in to my Inventory.
So I got the dress at low cost.

Why that trolley icon there ?
What the uses for that ?

Can you pls explain,

Sorry, I’m not good in English.

the cart purpose is to directly bought it to your clothes inventory.
did you find the cost is lower?

When using that method, its directly goes to my inventory, but its didn’t affect the Money ( Free of Cost )

Hmm weird maybe we can check it

Your right, i totally forgot this too , since this feat is created from early stage :blush:

You going to fix that now ?

Already pushed some update , havent tested live since im on phone.

But i carefully check hope it wont throw err :blush:

OMG, you are awesome buddy :heart_eyes:
Wait let I check & tell.

Yes, its working good. :star_struck:

but that Amount Menu showing.
That Amount Menu is mandatory ?

Yea i do plan updating soon
To make it as item and able to give clothes to other player lol


Wow !
Nice idea :innocent: