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Go use [Free] Ox Doorlock instead.


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Looks great, thanks for sharing! Would love to see the ability to add doors from in game in future!

Updated client.lua, had a bug sneak through from lack of testing.

Double doors should now correctly display the lock status.


Anytime I go to unlock a door it only unlocks it for a half a second and then locks and shows this in the console image

Try the new update; if it still has the issue please share the new console error.

how do I make sure that if you open the gate while in the car, the character does not leave the car?

I’ve applied a patch to prevent dooranim from triggering if in a vehicle.

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Is anyone else having issues with one side of double doors locking and the other being unlocked? the jobs are set to police and offpolice but even as unemployed i can open it, ive also got one door that continuously says locking and one that just doesnt lock at all. Well optimised resource though and hope we can sort these issues as id like to convert the server over to this

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one side of double doors locking and the other being unlocked

Once a door has neared its closing position it will lock into default position (still needs a little work); in the case of double doors, each door will lock separately. Is this what you are experiencing?

even as unemployed i can open it

Are you able to open this door at any point, or are you setting your job to unemployed after having interacted with the door and before having moved away from it? This was the only case I could recreate the problem. For a fix, change

				closestK, closestV, closestD = k, v, #(v.textCoords - playerCoords)
				if isAuthorized then
					closestA = true


				closestK, closestV, closestD, closestA = k, v, #(v.textCoords - playerCoords), isAuthorized

continuously says locking and one that just doesnt lock at all

I haven’t experienced a door that doesn’t lock, but the door starting as “Locking” should eventually lock after moving. I’ve just corrected an error in the config for the MRPD Mugshot room where the objHeading was set as 180.0 but actually needs to be 179.0 - assuming you are using " Community Mission Row PD".

If I can get some more information like which doors are having problems and their config data then I’ll see what I can do.

im using gabz new MRPD ive tpmd away and come back and its all still the same. Ill see if i can get a quick video of it

It doesnt open at all and continuously says locking. The opposite side doesnt lock at all and says locking (same kinda door)

this one says locked and in the config has ‘police’, ‘offpolice’ but opens as unemplyed

This console message spams my server, what is the cause? Can I remove this door state section?

Please ensure you are using the latest files and let me know if the error occurs. That section is required to sync the door state between clients.

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Your old doorlock config will not be compatible with this one. For those two doors, try this

	-- gabz_mrpd	FRONT DOORS
		authorizedJobs = { 'police', 'offpolice' },
		locked = false,
		maxDistance = 2.5,
		doors = {
			{objHash = -1547307588, objHeading = 90.0, objCoords = vector3(434.7444, -983.0781, 30.8153)},
			{objHash = -1547307588, objHeading = 270.0, objCoords = vector3(434.7444, -980.7556, 30.8153)}

	-- gabz_mrpd	LOBBY RIGHT
		objHash = -96679321,
		objHeading = 180.0,
		objCoords = vector3(440.5201, -986.2335, 30.82319),
		authorizedJobs = { 'police', 'offpolice' },
		locked = true,
		maxDistance = 1.5,
		flip = true

You may have objYaw rather than objHeading and you should not be defining textCoords.

i was entering them fresh into the config that came with the download. Ill try your new post and see how it goes

this door cant be lock

Just wondering if anyone else is having an issue with the armory door in PD where it lets you lock and unlock it but the door just remains static and if so if they’ve found a fix I’m using Community MRPD by SLB2k11