[Free] Ox Doorlock

A successor to nui_doorlock, with less scuff and more stuff.



Supports both ESX and QBCore.

oxmysql or mysql-async

Doors are stored in a database for ease-of-use and to allow data to be easily cleared or shared.


Used for some UI elements (i.e. notifications, progress circle, input), and cache.


Used with lockpicks and the doorlock command.


Another fantastic release from the Overextended team, and free as always. Keep up the great work Linden.

I wait with bated breath for ox_fuel and the merge of Fivem-appearance.


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looks very good

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Its working on sliding doors as well, like prison cells, prison gates, garage doors etc?

Dope release. <3

I haven’t tested it in every situation, naturally, but I’ve yet to encounter a door it doesn’t work with - though the gabz_mrpd bollards are still a bit awkward (take ~10 seconds to react, or after they get hit).

Doors that slide/roll as opposed to swing need to be flagged as “automatic” to ensure their state is properly set; otherwise they wait for the heading to reset before locking.

Everything uses DoorSystemSetDoorState, so unless a door isn’t a door it will work.


Well i guess on future anycase u will update this script, if it get some problems.
But ye, really handy script, like sound efects etc… smole things make things nicer.

+Rep. :pinched_fingers:

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How does item authorisation work? Nice realse!

At first, I didn´t get the command to work so I made my own edit but when I want to create a door i only get the NuiFocus at true. No ui or such is showing up. What can the issue be?

Download the release.

I´ve downloaded the release on both the ox_lib and ox_doorlock. Doesn´t work :thinking:

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now it works, but what about the command? I´m the group admin but doesn´t work with that command

add_ace resource.ox_lib command.add_principal allow
add_ace resource.ox_lib command.remove_principal allow

Really love this release another really poggies one from the overextended team, just wish it supported vRP so I can use it on my qBus server

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