[Releases] ESX Notepad

FiveM ESX Notepad
that’s my first releases

do /notes to open notepad

you need to insert “notepad” item in your database



Works perfectly - Your a god!

Will this stay even after a server reboot? Or will it clear?

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It clears as far as I have seen. Even after a restart of the script while the server is running.

I believe this is because they get stored in a table.

Good release, i turned script to standalone


It’s supposed to clear, they’re notes for a reason, not a phone app - if you need to save them, you take a picture with your “phone” (screenshot) and just like that, it’s saved.

well I was asking more in a sense of taking notes like a COP… or as evidence. Wouldnt be too good as a detective if you got “evidence” and on server reboot it went away. Which is why i was asking. I could see if something on the ground vanished… but would hate that if it was an inventory item it vanished on you at restart. again just thinking IRL… notes dont just vanish out of thin air… so thats why i was asking…

I know that, thanks! I was letting the other guy know lol. I have no need for saving them. :smiley:

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there’s a bug , after reading the note its will drop new one

another issue, using the note will not remove it from inventory

if you just hit escape on a picked up note it wont drop another one… also… its a notepad in your inventory… not a sheet of paper… so you should have multiple uses.

Thank you for this!

Anyway, when i click “drop” the notepad is not being dropped and the player cant move, its still in writing animation and cant simply move. Any fixes for this? Thanks

Do you renamed the resource?

No, should i? What should i rename it to exactly?

Also wanna mention i get no errors what so ever when i restart my resource or hit any of the hotkeys etc.

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I’m having the same problem, when i hit drop its does nothing and i cant do nothing, even if i revive myself i cant move

I dont know why, my is working like dream

Please let us know if you find out why its happening, would love to get this working!

i have the same problem, can any help us pls

PD: solved, NOT CHANGE NAME FOLDER " lkrp_notepad"

I have a question, is there any way you can talk when you’re writing?

why he does not let me do it

I wonder where you got this idea from :thinking: haha
great release.

great release man!