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-Follow (automatically enters vehicle if door is open)

-Attack and sniff (Only some pets e.g. most of the dogs, meant to be used as K9)

-Put on tracker (Track your pet’s every move!)

-Feed (Your pets loose hunger even though you are not online, so you have to feed them! Time is configurable)

-Thirst (Your pets loose thirst even though you are not online, so you have to give them water! Time is configurable)

-Make your pet lay down/sit down

-Pet daycare (Only one pet can be used but you can store your pets in the pet daycare)

-Animal smuggler’s shop (Shop where you can buy more exclusive pets e.g. lion and coyote. Can be removed)

-Pet get better at sniffing items the more you let them sniff. Although the feature learn to sniff has an delay.

-Pet gets better on attacking and sniffing the more it does it. In the beginning you’ll have to go to Pet training on the map otherwise your pet will never get better at attacking and always flee.

-Pet flees when asked to attack if not trained properly. Pet also has an extra chance of fleeing if it hears a gunshot.
-If you have esx_krille_pits you can search for sniffed items underground

-In config you can change the position of the UI (top right, top left, bottom left or bottom right)


An already setup ESX server


-Pet pricing

-Control keys e.g. K to open pet menu etc

-Sit anims



-Delays (how long it takes for your pet to starve and the required time to sniff new items or/and get better at sniffing already sniffed items)


Update V2.1 (2021-08-05)

Fixed login health bug resulting in pet being deleted from database.
Added configurable for only police being able to attack and sniff with their pet (K9)
Added configurable pet attribute successfull attack reward (in %)

Update V2.0 (2021-07-03)

Attack level (low level = flee etc), UI and more!

Update V1.1 (2021-06-25)

The update consist of mainly optimization


Compatible with onesync? because i saw a script like this od_animal

It does. Also to be clear this is NOT an remake of eden_animals.

I just purchased the script and I am having this issue. I have a custom pitbull that I added. It is a replacement. However, I am now getting this error.

I changed the capitalized spelling of Rottweiler to American Pit Bull Terrier.

Seems like an issue with ESX. What version are you using?

esx 1.1

Hi. I’ve updated the script to support more ESX versions. Please reinstall and let me know if it worked or if you have any further questions.

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v1 final? I’ve been waiting for this :slight_smile:

Hopefully but lmk what versions all of you want to have and I’ll test them out and make it work. It’s really hard to test all esx versions and different server configurations.

its a cool script but pets dont get in the car u cant put them away how do u find them again?

The car door must be open and follow you. You can store your pet in daycare which is marked on the map and there you can find them again.

Bro, nice job on the update. Works great. I am still testing and I may have some questions, but they will be in terms of modifying the script more. So far, a dope job my guy. - “Da_Blakk_Devv”

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people say pets get stuck in buildings, they get stuck in cars and they get stuck in plce

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ya having similar issue too, You getting massive FPS drop upon opening menu?

Do they realize that the door must be open for the pet to leave as well? Also when they get stuck random is because of gta 5 but they should not be totally froozen instead they should be unfreezed after a sec or so

I can see the status of the pet’s hunger?

No, the dog barks when it’s hungry

how many ms?

Using pet 0.03 otherwise 0.01

Hey man I purchased this, and I’m really enjoying it, but I’m having a couple issues.

  • I cant figure out how to get my dog to get in the car.
  • My pet was out when the server restarted, and now I have no idea where he is or how to get him back because he’s not in the daycare
  • Also for me it was .03 idle and .07 with the pet out. Maybe add a draw distance / getplayerdistance to the shop markers and training markers so they only display if you are within a certain distance instead of displaying 24/7
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