To get a pet in the car you must have the door open. Yes there’s an glitch if you have multicharacter that will be fixed. The markers doesn’t draw all the time only within 50 coord units.

Not sure if multicharacter was related to the " My pet was out when the server restarted, and now I have no idea where he is or how to get him back because he’s not in the daycare" issue but I’m not using multicharacter. I know you said there would be a fix but if it wasn’t that issue you were referring to then maybe make it so the pets automatically gets put back in the day care on server restarts

can i add pets to this like the panther

Hey, there’s already an secret location whichg can be found in the Config. There you can find a smuggler’s shop where you can buy coyote and panthers yes.

can i add pets addon?

I have a problem when I command the pet to attack it goes somewhere else and doesn’t

You must first train your pet to attack.

we can add animals that arent already in there tho like the monkey correct

The monkey model is bugged but other work

Great release, our players loved it.
But we have problem with the marker size zone in our server. You can interact with markers from long distance when you enter the marker once. You can go across the street and still be able to buy a dog or to put your dog in daycare etc even if you close the UI. I don’t know if you have a fix for that?

Thanks for letting me know I’ll look into it!

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