[Release][YMAP] Goody’s Map (Greek Fast Food Company) [FiveM ready]

Goodys Map retuxture

Goody’s Burger House S.A. is Greece’s largest fast food company. Goody’s serves over 160,000 customers daily, offering a variety of dining options, both for dine in and out-of-store in 5 countries. Goody’s has restaurants in countries such as Armenia, Albania, North Macedonia, Indian Ocean (Mayotte), Australia, Kosovo and soon in Saudi Arabia.

If you like my retexture, I would really appreciate a like!


1) Download the file.
2) Pull out the folder and paste it into the server.
3) Type “start goodys_map” in your “server.cfg”.

goodys_map.zip (307.3 KB)

I’m not the owner of the model, I just made the Goody’s retexture!

All credits goes to the owners for the models, template etc.
Original Topic: Mcdonalds [YMAP] REMAKE

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will it rain or snow in inside? asking for a friend

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that will be me :stuck_out_tongue:

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yes as it a ymap lol

Suddently it will rain or snow inside.

Hence “YMAP”, if you want to stop the rain from entering, just put carpet inside the roof. The rain will still appear on the floors and such, but it helps me a lot.

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any related job for this one?

eisai ellhnas? an nai mporeis na mou steileis kapoio link gia to job tou goodys?
I need goody’s job

Μπορείτε να φτιάξετε πολύ εύκολα ένα αν κάνετε clone το esx_burgershot

euxaristo poli file!!

guys were is the store in map???

It is in the central square. Near the Hospital and the Central Garage.

mporeis na mou steileis to link apo to burgershot pou exei kai to job kai to map plssssss

does it have a map blip??

Do you have a plug-in for this job