[Release] WM-ServerSirens - FiveM Server Side Siren Resource - Walshey & Marcus

WMServerSirens - Server Sided Sirens Resource

We’ve only gone and done it! Ladies and gentleman, after many strenuous hours of hard work, we’ve finally developed server side sirens for FiveM! We’ve seen a constant demand for this resource and that’s given us a huge motivational boost to develop it. You can now add server side sirens to your server which can be used in conjunction with a majority of siren scripts (eg. luxart). You can also change the air/bullhorn!

This documentation will assist with the installation of sirens and provide a starting point for developers, configuring the plugin for use with their ELS scripts.


Installation video here.

Download the resource from GitHub here.
Step 1: Copy ‘wm-serversirens’ to your resources folder.
Step 2: Open your server.cfg and write“ensure wm-serversirens” anywhere in the config.
Step 3: Follow our documentation on adding custom sirens below!

Adding custom sirens

We’ve provided the ability for you to add custom sirens without any knowledge of code or development. After following our simple guide, you’ll be cooking on gas in no time!

You’ll be required to use OpenIV or another AWC editing program to add or edit custom sirens into the game. Our plugin comes ready with 3 siren pack AWC files ready to edit.

Step 1: Navigate to “dlc_wmsirens” in the directory.

Step 2: Navigate to the “oac” folder.

Step 3: Change the .wav files with your custom .wav files. Do not change the file names, this is very important, WMServerSirens will not function properly if you do this.

Step 4: After editing the siren pack, navigate to the .oac file and drag it into OpenIV. This will compile the .AWC file together and allow you to use it in your server.

Step 5: Drag and drop the AWC file you previously created into “dlc_wmserversirens”, replacing the base siren pack. Do not change the name of the siren pack.

Step 6: Start up your server and go for a celebratory drive! Let off some fireworks.

Configuring with ELS

Out of the box, this won’t work immediately with every ELS script and will require some tweaking. Essentially, most ELS scripts use the “PlaySoundFromEntity” FiveM native function. This is what you’ll use to play our sirens, however it will need to play the custom siren, referencing one of the sirens from our three siren packs, which you can edit.

Requesting the audio:
At the top of your ELS script, you’ll need to request the audio for the custom sirens, essentially downloading it for all clients, as these are external sounds.

RequestScriptAudioBank(“DLC_WMSIRENS\\SIRENPACK_ONE”, false)

If you’ve only made changes to the first siren pack, you’ll only need to include the first one.

Playing the custom sounds:
To play a siren from a vehicle, use the following native:

PlaySoundFromEntity(-1, “SIREN_ALPHA”, veh, “DLC_WMSIRENS_SOUNDSET”, 0, 0)

“veh” = The vehicle the player is in, we recommend using GetVehiclePedIsUsing(PlayerPedId()).


In there, you’d change VEHICLES_HORNS_SIREN_1, with “SIREN_ALPHA”. However, you would need to edit the ELS script to use the “DLC_WMSERVERSIRENS_SOUNDSET” custom DLC when playing the sound from the entity.

On the other hand, you could use an if statement in code, checking the current vehicle and then play the right siren.

Naming convention:

As you may notice, the sirens you’ll be editing are all named using the phonetic alphabet, this will be used to keep track of the siren number for our development purposes.

A quick google search will reveal the full list of the alphabet for you.

Feedback and suggestions

We thank you for downloading this resource, we’ve worked extremely hard on it and we hope you enjoy using it. However, we will always be looking for feedback and suggestions in the comments below.

We’d like to credit Double Doppler for his British sirens, included in the resource.


nice release


We hope you like it :slight_smile:


Hope you like it as well!

We’ve enjoyed making this along with Walshey!

Well done lads you’ve only gone and done it, now relax haha :smiley:

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Been looking for something like this for years, will try it later ingame, amazing work!!

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Fair play to you both Marcus and Walshey, what an absolute banger of a script!


What is the difference between WMStudios and LondonStudios? Seems just like an alt account or such.

Can you explain what the difference between this and say any other siren script is? As far as I know, a lot of scripts have ‘server side’ sirens?


This is Walshey Modifications combined with myself, London Studios, exclusively for this script.

It wouldn’t be fair for just myself to post it, or just Walshey to post it.

We’ve therefore created this joint account.

Best wishes,

Hello, we worked together on the release. We thought it’d be better to have an account which represents the both of us. As there isn’t a function to add authors.

So you basically created an alt account to release something that has been done before?

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Thank you. We hope this comes in handy!

Hey, this is the resource we all have waited for :sweat_smile:. I tried to use it and it worked. Just one little Problem there. I can activate the sirens but i cannot deactivate them. If i turn them out they are still on. Even if I turn out the Lights. Its only with the normal sirens, not with the dual sirens. I use it with ELS.

Someone an idea, why this could be happening?

Hello Scania01,

Thank you for having an interest in our release!

I have tested our resource with the luxart siren script which seems to be different compared to the one you’re using. Could you specify what script you use so I can investigate and hopefully come back with a solution?



Installation video provided ^

Very cool release, props to the both of you! :+1:

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Thank you for your feedback Chuncky_M,

We’re glad you like this release!