[Release] Weapon Sling Script [Networked][Free][Standalone]

Based on Scully’s sling script with code optimization and new features.


This script allows players to sling their weapons to the back/front.


You can see a preview of how this works here


You can download it on github


  • Allows to customize what weapons can be used (see config.lua)
  • Allows to customize if a weapon can be used only in the back or if it can be used in the front too
  • The command is configurable
  • Keeps weapons attachaments on “unsling”
  • Keeps weapons ammo on “unsling”
  • Syncronized across network


  • Adding weapons mag and attachaments to the object (currently i can’t figure out a good way of doing it due to the coords)
  • Adding keybinds to the script (currently clients can do it on their side using console keybinds


The default config allows for the following weapons with all their components:

  • SMG
  • AR
  • Sniper Rifle (back only)
  • Heavy Sniper (back only)
  • Heavy Sniper Mk2 (back only)
  • Marksman rifle
  • Pump shotgun
  • Sawn-off shotgun
  • Marksman rifle MK2

See more information on how to edit config.lua on github

The “allowone” stands for if its allowed on the front or not. True = allowed, false = not allowed.


This is based of Scully’s Sling Script

Indecision#7334 for helping me test and giving suggestions


download dont work

It should be fixed now

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easy to get

The weapon just levitates in the air in front of the character

This is suppose to be done with vests. I forgot about it when recording the video.

Okay, fair enough

I’ve seen a script like this but it wasn’t server-sided.

If I’m not mistaken you can change the coordinates.

As it says on the description this is based of scully’s sling script

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Looks Good! Good job my prodigy.

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where can I change the coordinates when I couldn’t find it in any file

You can change it on line 103 (front) and 108 (back) on the main.lua.