[Release] Vehicle Livery Menu

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Anyone else able to get this to work? It merely lags like crazy, and only shows me how many liveries the vehicle has. It doesn’t give me the option to change the livery. Any suggestions?

anyway you can intgrate the vehicles extras to this menu and ability to change the default key ?

Hello guys, maybe its a simple task for some of you but I am learning as I go along so help a noob out lol

I am trying to change the key binding for this amazing script to have it be both LCtrl+6, can I do that and if so how? Thank you.

simple task and all of it in a menu, you better make just a command

Can you elaborate a little more please? Thank you

Updated to v2.0.0

  • Using NativeUILua now (so you have to download and put it into your resource folder if you haven’t already) [Should also fix the performance issue]

Download in the First Post!

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Working great :ok_hand:keep up the great work!

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Updated to v2.0.1

  • Bypasses a bug appearing for some users

Download in the First Post!

Updated to v2.0.2

  • Minor fix

Download in the First Post!

Hi there, all works exactly as you promised, however we have a strange bug here, when the menu opens, the camera spins in circles until the menu is closed… any ideas?

Thanks for your hard work on this release! it was exactly what we were looking for :slight_smile:

Move your mouse to the center. If it’s at either side of the screen, the camera will move in that direction.

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thanks man - it was so simple :smiley:

When I open the menu, I can change the skins, but the entire list says NULL

Same with mine null on all lines

This script is broken at the moment it just stoped working in my server did a freesh download and still having same error

Any news about this? Mine is working fine as well just showing NULL in the list

Can anyone confirm if this still works? I have it on the server and it opens the menu and just says NULL, but its either not changing or i don’t know the correct buttons

i open my menu with F10 and eveything opens and works except for showing all NULL in the livery names on my custom cars. i did however buy a car for the dealership and the liveries have custom names for each one… so i am still working on that part

I’m having the same problem. The way that liveries work for GTA cars is a seperate .ytd file for each specific livery.

However, Custom addon vehicles normally just have all textures packed into 1 or 2 .ytd files. I think this is where the issue lies.

If anyone else finds a way to name/find the name/hash of a livery inside of a .ytd file then please let me know.