[Release] [Tutorial] Add DLC and Custom Overlays (Tattoos, Shirt Badges, Hairstyles)

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The original author did not post a list of DLC tattoos, shirt badges, and hairstyles nor did they include enough information on how to create custom tattoos. I saw many replies from users struggling with the same issue of not being able to create new tattoos. There are specific steps you must do in order to have a valid .ytd that the original author did not detail. These steps took me a good deal of time to work out on my own and I did not find them elsewhere. The repository contains a README detailing all of these steps to create a new overlay with ease.

The repository contains:

  • OverlayManager
    • Handles applying and removing overlays
  • Overlays.xlsx
    • All DLC / SP tattoos parsed into an excel workbook.
  • OverlaysTable
    • Overlay collection storage
    • Detailed instructions on creating new custom overlays
  • blazingtattoo_overlays.xml
    • Example overlay.xml for adding new custom overlays (tattoo location)
  • shop_tattoo.meta
    • Example tattoo.meta file for adding new custom overlays

Please let me know if you have any questions.

These files will not work as standalone items. To use you will need to remove our project member functions (mostly logging) and create a .dll. If you are unable to do this, I suggest using the source code as a guide to create your own implementation.


I like the posts like yours, a release, and a lot of documentation/informations. Thx for your work, your time and this kind of post. :clap: :dizzy:

Big thanks for this kind of post that is super well explain it helps people a lot

Would love how to add the biker mp stuff to esx.
We have a biker club now. But still cant use all the great stuff from the biker dlc. Also the Biker Vests would be nice if someone has an idea maybe.

cool of you to release man! Thanks

This is absolutely great, thank you!

I’m struggling getting badges to work.
Are there any working examples for it?

Can you give us an exemple for the hairstyle ?
Because we can only use type tattoo and badge ?

Yes, they are the exact same as tattoos with the only difference being the [type] field. Search the overlays.xml for badge and that should help you.

Never did a hairstyle. I recommend opening the excel book of all the DLC tattoos and sorting by “IsHair” column. The hairstyles are still [type] = tattoo. Look at an existing one in OpenIV and it should be a breeze.

I can’t see anything about hairstyles as the topic title implies? I’m very interested in learning that :smiley:

They are all the same thing - the only difference between the 3 are the <type.> tag in the XML.

  1. Use the excel workbook and sort by IsHair column.
  2. Copy the overlay name of a DLC hairstyle
  3. Extract the overlay using OpenIV
  4. Follow the instructions, rename/replace/etc.

Excel workbook? You lost me at step 1 :smiley:

I’m just stuck on the badge thing.
Does anyone have a working minimal example of a completely custom badge? Preferably with the .ytd included so I can match ytd/texture names against the XML data.

Sorry for being a bit slow, but I’d really love to be able to give the biker president “PRESIDENT” on his chest (…and similar for the other teams, obviously)

Can you describe what issue you’re having in particular?

If you’re able to do a tattoo then you should be able to create a badge as the only difference is changing TYPE_TATTOO to TYPE_BADGE. Let me know what issues you’re having and I’ll try to help you the best that I can.

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I try to apply it to the MP ped, and … nothing.
Obviously I’m doing something wrong in my process here, and I’d love to have some complete example with a working patch to compare to.

Right now I don’t even have a non-working example isolated, but I’ll try to come up with one.
Thank you kindly for offering to help.

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I can’t think off the top of my head what you’re doing wrong. If you’re successfully applying tattoos then the badges should only be a changing the the type like I mentioned in the previous reply.

What are you looking for in a working example? Here is the .xml and .meta data for a working badge.


      <uvPos x="0.235000" y="0.750000" />
      <scale x="0.150000" y="0.100000" />
      <rotation value="0.000000" />
      <nameHash>blazingtattoo_50_M</nameHash><!-- Vinewood M Back -->
      <award />
      <awardLevel />


	    <id value="92642"/>
	    <cost value="50"/>

Code and everything else to apply it is the same as tattoos and is in the git repo. Let me know if you have any more questions.

I’ll give it another twirl and get back to you.

is there any way to use this with esx_tattooshops?

topic have sp

I’m aware that female model make-up is an overlay. I’m currently trying my hand at adding custom make-up however I’m uncertain on how I can figure out which flags are required to make this run in FiveM.

Anyone got any ideas?
Is there a way I could perhaps rip a make-up file from OpenIV and figure out how to get tags from there?

Apparently what I’m looking for according to VMenu source is a “Headoverlay”. If anyone finds anything helpful I’d appreciate it.

hey im stupid can someone make a video on how the fuck to do this?