[Release] DLC Tattoos as Add-Ons [ESX]

This is my first release, so please be gentle. :relaxed:

So I figured out how to do tattoos as add-ons from this post by @timothy_dexter

We’ve been trying to figure out how to the the Casino and Casino Heist DLC tattoos in for a while now. I’ve been told that people would probably want this, so I figured I would share!


DOWNLOAD - Additions for xnTattoos

This is a streamed resource, and also needs to be put into your tattoo shop. There are a few versions of those, so I can’t really take care of that for you.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Download both links.
  2. Unzip and put hsrp_dlctattoos into your resources
  3. Add ‘start hsrp_dlctattoos’ to your server cfg
  4. Add the tattoos into your tattoo script

To add to xnTattoos, you must copy and add everything from the second link after the last tattoo in the AllTattoos.json

I don’t know much about coding, so I won’t be much help in terms of support, but I’ll offer it where I can!

Here are some screenshots:


Amazing Job. Thank you @Kayla_Corbo !
:smile: :+1:t4:

Does this overwrite current tattoos?

No, it adds them on as their own DLC.

OK Nice thank you!

Are you okay?

That’s Sweet :smiley:

But why not make a video on how to do it ?

Cause I’m a potato. :potato:

I also have never streamed / made a video previously, so I’m not sure how I would go about that.

vmenu will pull these up too right?

No idea, I only deal with FiveM. Sorry!

thanks for the fast reply, I use esx but also use vmenu for clothing/tattoo options. Using kashactors for multcharacter suppport and it hates saving tattoos correctly, . I will try to test it out for vmenu tomorrow

may know how to add to xnTattoos?

Ah, gotcha, I’ve never heard of it to be honest. :confounded: Hopefully it works out!

I believe that’s the script we use, you’d have to go through and edit the AllTattoos.json in your xnTattoos script.

I might just edit the post to add a file with all of that tomorrow since I already have it done.

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nice work and if you can add that was amaysing

I actually did a tutorial for adding to xnTattoos on it’s thread [Release] xnTattoos (ESX)

Mind if I add a link to your tutorial into my post?

Yeah go for it though it’s more for adding full custom tattoos

Yeah, I checked yours out. I’ve been working on that with my server as well. Takes a bit to get custom placement but it works pretty well.

I may just post the coding portion to add to the script as it’s easier.

Yeah I tried doing a video tutorial for it but getting the placement for new tattoo’s I’d never used was taking too long so just went with linking to where I origionally got it from