[Release] TruckerJob v0.3 [UPDATE 29th January]

When will you release a version with DB ?

Someone provided some help to do this in this thread and it worked for me:

hello help me please for remove trailler in mission for truck without trailer ?
in truckerjob.lua

Hi all, i want to player can use this job and see the blips only if they have the trucker job ( i use job_system )
if any one have the solution to do that please tell me.

How do I remove the “armoured truck” blip? I’ve tried removing it, but it breaks everything. I have a named blip I want to use in its place.

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How do i change the armored truck blip name ?

Lol what armoured truck?

Blip 67 shows as armored truck. I have another blip named " trucker job" I’m using instead. However I can’t remove the armoured truck blip. When I do it breaks everything and press N+ to be a trucker don’t even show. Right now the blips are overlapping and I’m stuck with a useless blip named armoured truck.

function init()
BLIP.company = AddBlipForCoord(TruckingCompany[0][“x”], TruckingCompany[0][“y”], TruckingCompany[0][“z”])
SetBlipSprite(BLIP.company, 67) <--------- THIS
SetBlipDisplay(BLIP.company, 4)
SetBlipScale(BLIP.company, 0.8)
Citizen.Trace(“Truck Blip added.”)
– GUI.loaded = true

U tried one of these?

Yeah, blip IDs have a preset name attached to them. There is no way to change the name unless it’s scripted that way. I use a separate resource for my blips. I can make custom names for all blips there. I just want to remove blip 67 entirely. But it breaks the entire script. I even tried adding the nameable blip code from es_weaponshop, doesn’t work.

schneehaze : did you see my question on your github ?

Just in case i copy it here :slight_smile:

Truck do not disappears after finishing the job
Can you try to fix it please
also i tryed to add another compagny to get 2 point of start and it’s working but at the end, the money i get is double like for 5000$ mission, i get 10000
do you know what can i change to resolve it please ?
Thanks for your work

Try this after line 135 :slight_smile:

    AddTextComponentString('Trucker Jobs')
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I was wondering when i finish the truck delivery im not getting paid ? Can you help me please :smiley:

Hey any update on the pilot job and trucker job? <3 <3

Use this version

  • Just remember to translate the client.lua file, as mine is in Danish.

where do we pick trucks/trailers up from, its not showing

ok so it’s at the same place as the original also the truck doesn’t spawn after pressing enter? where is client.lua to translate?

Thank you for creating this and changing this for FiveM.

got it working great with ES_Freeroam + Essential BUT after completing a mission the Truck turns off and does not allow me to use the truck and i am stuck on the other side of the map. if i step out of the truck the doors lock and i can no longer get back in. Options would be to teleport back to the Trucker Job to start a new one, but this isnt realistic… I would love to be able to despawn the trailers after they detach and have to drive the truck back and either keep the truck for another mission or park and despawn this as well… any help would be appreciated!

Script works perfectly fine for me, also been confirmed by others on this thread, that it works. - I don’t know what scripts or anything you have running, so a little info about that would be helpful too.

To fix the blip, goto line 132 in Client.lua, and change:

    SetBlipSprite(BLIP.company, 2)


    SetBlipSprite(BLIP.company, 67)

And the blip will re-appear.

@ILCyberTech if your using a door lock/ engine script, after detaching the trailer don’t get out. Turn engine back on and drive where you choose.

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