[Release] Tackle System

Tackle System

V 0.4

A new tackle system which you can customize to your liking. It detects if you hit someone and tackles them (Works if you hit multiple people).(Suggested here: https://forum.cfx.re/t/police-tackling/94501)


-- Tackling other players (You can tackle multiple people at once if you hit multiple people when you tackle)

Video: Click Meh Please

Updated Video: Click Meh Cause I'm A Better Video Please

How to use the resource

Controls can be seen below:

Press E while jumping (Configurable)

To configure the resource:

Key is configurable on first line of client.lua

Target ragdoll time is configurable on the second line of client.lua

Known Bugs

1. You have to restart the resource when ever someone new joins the server if you want to be able to tackle them (Trying to fix urgently)


And finally, the download. You can download it here: Tackle Resource.zip (1.5 KB)
Please leave any questions, bugs etc below.

I know I’m a spastic, but am I right in saying…

meaning in 10-70’s and shit? It sort of puts a waypoint on the suspect who is fleeing? <3 Sexy release


It lets you tackle the suspect you are chasing.

I would show a video but I got no friends.


Ah nice, good job.

if anyone can check it, and actuallu check if it works that would be awesome!

I can help you if needed? I guess it would help the post get some more attention if it shows what it actually does?

It works. I would not release a script that does not work.


Sure, PM meh.

maby post a video or some kind of screenshot showing the script?


Done, check the main topic :smiley:

All it does for me is ragdoll.

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that is great, but i got some tips maby for a up and coming update.

Let it be only used for cops

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What do you mean by this? It does not actually tackle the other person?

We are currently testing it, It only ragdolls.

yeah, it doesnt actually tackle someone.

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Try restarting the resource.

EDIT: Check known bugs.

I will admit though, This script is making us laugh our butts off.




OMG You made my day.