This is a standalone optimized script where you can have a unique or same holster animation on each weapons that you want.

You can modify all the configuration for e.g animations, timer, flags, on the config file.

The reason is simple, i was looking for something like this, but all i found was with a unique animation and not optimized at all so i made my own. Enjoy it.

HEY YOOOOO @d0p3t IS THIS ENOUGH FOR YOU !! AAAHH. :sneezing_face: :clown_face:


Can you have Animation like this?


Why not, all you have to do is to adapt it on the config file as you need.

Play with the animation dict/name, flags, and timer, if needed i can add the blendspace speed.

Any problem with parachute ?

Cause already see this kind of “Holster” that is a problem with jumping with a parachute :wink:

Thanks for the answer and the share btw :wink:

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I didn’t know about that, i need to test it out thanks to let me know.

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New update has been push, check added to avoid issue with parachute.

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Good release, but it’s kinda glitchy since you float up for some reason. Can it be fixed or is it just an animation bug?

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Hey, thanks for your feedback, nothing is bug all work fine, you just need to play around with the correct flags needed, for e.g if you don’t wanna get this “issue” just change the flags between 48 - 63.

flags between 48 - 63 will let your player idle not moving, just doing the animation, and also if you change your animation dont forgot to play with the timer, having a good timer means having a good animation playing smooth.

I will show you guys an example by playing with flags :

Don’t forget that you have a list here of parameter and flags enum that you can play around :

Annotation 2021-06-21 113622

it would be better if we can move during animation nice share tho :upside_down_face:

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sure try to change the flags to 32 or 120 on where you want be able to move your player while playing the animation.

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Hi i charged it to were you can move while taking out your weapon.
But you can shoot before the animation is done so it don’t look right.
do you know if there is a fix for this?
If not that’s ok, but still nice script

Hey, It ain’t supposed to happen because we do check until holster is or not true depending
we DisablePlayerFiring.

for e.g

 Citizen.CreateThread( function()
              while holstered do

check if you still have this, else this is causing probably because of your parameter of your anim.

I still have that bit of code
The only thing i have changed is the flag to 120 so you could run and take out your weapon.

Oh right, well it’s the flag that remove the time it need to don’t allow the player to shoot when is animed.
I will see can what i can do.

ok thanks :grinning:

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I will push a patch of that soon.

New Version 1.3 has been pushed.

  • Player can now move while animated.
  • Player can’t shoot while animated (can still happend once).