[Release][Standalone] 2-Step & ALS(Anti-lag System)

[PLEASE HELP] Idk why but it wont start at my server “Coudn’t find resource Sil-2step”. What can i do?

i cant start it

it should be Sil-2Step

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Does the sound come with? Reason being is I don’t want the sound, I have custom sounds on my server already.

im trying to make it use PlaySoundFromCoord as opposed to AddExplosion but i cant get it to work no sound is being played could someone help me?

Really good but the flames are tiny, pretty much invisible and it’s not in english.

have a smol issu if i use the antilag and i dont have a default exhaust on my car, the fire animation in in the middle of my car and not at the exhaust. and if i use a default exhaust its at the exhaust end and in the middle of my car. Dose anyone know how to fix this

Bruh this was years ago sorry , its probably very outdated :slight_smile:
also i dont work on fiveM anymore :man_shrugging:

maybe outdated, but it works fine. i’ve used it for months.
but standalone would be better tbh lol
still cool update ^^ p.s. you should put it on your github

Is there a release yet? Kinda dope what you did.

does anyone know if this works with qbus