[Release][Standalone] 2-Step & ALS(Anti-lag System)

Relaxed Society Developments
This script was made by Silence & Samuel_
:x: Do not re-release without my permissions
:white_check_mark: Modify for you own needs!
:white_check_mark: Comes with a Configuration file!
:white_check_mark: Standalone Script!

About Section

  • Well, for those car enthusiasts out there who are fans of watching videos of cars with 2-step and antilag, Or who own vehicles with such, This script is for you! and adds the ability to do such… But in FiveM!, If you have any questions just ask me via the comment section below.


    1. Download the resource …obviously… Sil-2Step.rar (2.2 KB)
    1. Extract "Sil-2Step" folder into your "resources" folder
    1. Add "start Sil-2Step" to your "server.cfg"
    1. (re)Start your server, or start the resource via console.

Controls / How to use

  • To start with, you must whitelist the vehicle you want to enable these functions for in the "Config.lua" file.
  • After whitelisted, use the Assigned controls to activate 2-step / ALS.
    NOTE1: In order for the 2-step to trigger you must hold the vehicle between 3000-5000 RPM.
    NOTE2: In order for the ALS to trigger your vehicle must be above 7500 RPM, and off throttle.
  • 2-Step Trigger = Left Shift + Note1
  • Use "/antilag" to toggle ALS

File size was to big for direct upload… soo…


Wow that’s cool, do people around your car hear the sound too or it’s only for your client?

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This is actually pretty cool haha


Really good idea!

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Server Side, All players can hear the sound, and see the back fires.

its looks insaneee dude, awesome!

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incredible i start use this with script of nitro, is amazing god job

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is there a way to take the whitelist out the script so people can just use it without me needed to spend a few days added cars on

Yes here you go.

Sil-2Step (No Whitelist) Download link

Replaced the Config, and cl-step with these.
NoWhitelist Files.rar (1.6 KB)


Nice release dude! A lot of fun now, good idea awesome!
Thank you!

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your amazing

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Can’t guarantee the realism without the whitelist, but for people who just want to mess around with it, then you’re welcome.

Great release!

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I literally made the exact same thing a week ago. Great minds think alike.

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I made this about 10 months ago, for my personal RP server, that I recently took down lol. image

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Call me a pleb but what exactly does this do? I don’t get it.

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also dude, the peds go mad when it is done, can you explain why?

Cool deal, I was thinking about making this for quiet some time, just finally got around to making it, but I never saw that repo come up, so that’s cool though. Either way, nice release.

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Because the backfire is an ‘Explosion’
AI’s are scripted to run away from anything life threatening
Explosions = Life threatening

you can prevent this from using resources such as “CalmAI” so that they don’t “go mad”.