[Release][Standalone] 2-Step & ALS(Anti-lag System)

i used this but only the one who’s driving can hear it . is it because im using Onesync Legacy? , or should i use Onesync Infinity

could you show me how to set up the 2 step?

can someone help me install this

if people want the npc is not afraid of sound, privilege xsound or interactsound instead of the native addexplosion

i have modified the script for use xsound with reel backfire sound and its amazing ^^

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How to setup xsound in this script?

Hello I need help guys… how do I use this script in single player fivem ?


you would have the result of the code for the ai to ignore the 2Step?

because I really can’t do it

question what key is note1?

anyone please make standalone :frowning: or how to i fucking love it
backfire : not work :boom: it very small backfire About version extended ?
sound : work

thankyou sir

hi can you do i video on how to instalit becus i dont get it

Is It Just Me Or Can You Not Here The Antilag Or 2Step? Any Fix?

[PLEASE HELP] how do i whitelist the vehicle i want to use

How do i whitelist the vehicle i want to use ?

goto config.lua in the antilag folder, and add the cars you want put in quotation marks separated by a comma between each car.

@T.Silence i need help getting it to work on my server for some reason it wont shoot any flames

well anyone plz help me

can this be exclusive to one single owned car, like can this be an item that can be installed to one single owned car?

why no one can hear the booms, i can only hear it from an owner, beeing a regular player

Não estou conseguir colocar o script para sair no escapamento o mesmo esta saindo no meio de qualquer veiculo personalizado… Alguém poderia me ajudar?

how do i make the pop sound to default ? if its explosion peoples gonna abuse it and its kinda annoying.