[RELEASE] renzu_vehicleshop



  • Multi Shops
  • Multiple Vehicle Type Shop(Boat, Car, Helicopter, Plane)
  • Refund Vehicle to Player
  • Job Vehicle Shop
  • Multi Payment Method
  • Categorized Shop
  • Display Featured Vehicles
  • Clean UI
  • Test Driving




Renzu Garage - YouTube (old)

TODOS (what to expect in future)

  • PDM Management
  • Multi Shop :white_check_mark:
  • Stock Management
  • Odd jobs possible
  • Change Colors Before Purchasing :white_check_mark:
  • Support Different Payments :white_check_mark:
  • Reposes Job?
  • Brands as category?




Download from Github GitHub - renzuzu/renzu_vehicleshop: FIVEM VEHICLE SHOP HUD (WIP)
Download POPUI dependency GitHub - renzuzu/renzu_popui

Install Missing Sql Columns from vehicleshop.sql

start renzu_vehicleshop

  • Important

This Vehicleshop is using vehicles table from Database
if your current vehicleshop or vehicle list database is not vehicles you may need to edit the server.lua to make this work, or you can use the vehicleshop.sql.

Other free resource

Garage [RELEASE] renzu_garage - Public , Private, Realistic and Housing Parking, w/ Garage Inventory | v1.5 - #10 by Renzuzu
HUD UI [RELEASE] renzu_hud - UI | Semi All in One


nice well done

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Good release! Keep up the good work!


thank you brothers

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Cool share, thank you bro !!!

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OMG! Is this free? OH MY GOOD I love it!


another free release… nice work! rep+

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vRP? mby

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c’mon my guy, its an ESX Resource.

imo you shouldn’t run a FiveM server if you dont know how to code or dont have a Proper Developer, theres so many servers popping up, but in the end they all have the same stuff.

Just convert it to vRP

and he also said it will work with multiple frameworks at a later state, so just either do it yourself or be patient and actually read what he wrote.


gonna say this again

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love you thanks for making it free

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Ill convert this to qb and vrp soon
I just need proper time


This looks amazing. Defs gonna follow this to see the updates in TODO. Hopefully i will be able to contribute also in the future.

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good release : ) clean and dope

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Thank you

Sir, what is this? I keep doing this after pressing enter

Uploading: 2XHLK~5Q6{YO2~IQT1V({$U.png…

shop not opening?
check server console errors.
must be missing sql columns

Okay, I’ll try.

if you have a vehicles table

you just need to import this

ALTER TABLE vehicles
ADD shop varchar(32) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'pdm';

ALTER TABLE vehicles
ADD stock int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT 100;