[UTILS] vImageCreator - Vehicle Image Creator


a Tool if you want to generate URLS of Image for all your Vehicles including Addons.

Vehicle Image Creator - FIVEM


  • Automatically Generate a Image for All your Vanilla GTA Vehicles or Custom Addon Vehicles


  • start screenshot-basic
  • start vImageCreator
  • Setup a Webhook in config (this is where the images will be saved)
  • Choose Vehicle table ( in example we use vehicles table from Mysql )
  • you can put any vehicle table name as long as there is a model column as a name string not hashkey

Permission Usage

  • Upon restarting the script or starting you need to type the /getperms command
  • Permission is configurable via config using your identifiers
  • When permission is allowed you can use the following command:
  • /startscreenshot (iterate all your vehicle and start generating images) (this may take a while this will screenshot your vehicle one by one)
  • /resetscreenshot (reset the index number to 1) (important if you want to start over again)


  • Saving logic uses Json Saveresourcefil or resource KVP
Config = {}
Config.DiscordWebHook = 'INSERT WEBHOOK'
Config.save = 'json' -- kvp, json
Config.vehicle_table = 'vehicles' -- vehicle table must have model column (name not hash)
Config.useSQLvehicle = true -- use mysql async to fetch vehicle table else SqlVehicleTable will use
Config.SqlVehicleTable = QBCore and QBCore.Shared and QBCore.Shared.Vehicles and QBCore.Shared.Vehicles or {} -- example qbcore shared vehicle

-- Custom Category
Config.Category = 'all' -- select a custom category | set this to 'all' if you want to Screenshot all vehicle categories

-- Permission
Config.owners = {
    ['license:df845523fc29c5159ece2179359f22a741c2a2ca9a'] = true,
    --add more here


  • this file already contain 740 vanilla vehicle images
  • what its left is only for you to generate all your custom addon vehicles

Usage / How to use this in your resource eg. garage, vehicle shop or any vehicle scripts with UI

  • You can use the Global State Variable or you can use the Exports
# Exports
local hash = tostring(GetHashKey('nissanskyline'))
local img = exports.vImageCreator:GetModelImage(hash )
-- return
-- url of image or the default image if this model is not yet proccessed

Global State

local hash = tostring(GetHashKey('nissanskyline'))
local img = GlobalState.VehicleImages[hash]
-- url of image or the default image if model is not yet proccessed


  • /getperms to get a permission to use the follow command:
  • /startscreenshot to start or stop generating
  • /resetscreenshot to reset the image generation

Demo how to use


  • there is only 30 seconds before you can type /getperms after that you need to restart the script again
  • Custom vehicle need to proccessed using /startscreenshot
  • Custom Vehicle must be included in vehicles table from config
  • to reset or start over proccessing again /resetscreenshot


  • screenshot-basic

Use Cases

Any Script that have a vehicle in NUI

  • Resources Using This Plugin:

Garage with Vehicle Thumbnails

Vehicleshop with Vehicle Thumbnails


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Good release once again. Keep it up Renzu!

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Omg, this is perfect wuao :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

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Awesome release

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Absolute king.

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You deserve a standing ovation brother.

/me applauds

nice release

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Hi how can i do to make it work with the renzu_vehicleshop, i have been trying for a while, but i dont knwo where i have to put the line of code of exports or of global state, can someone help me pls? Im a novice at programming so srry if i am making a big mistake

Its configurable in vehicleshop

Find renzu_vehthumb
In config.lua

Its automatic no need to code or anything

But yea only in latest version

Cool script keep up the good work :+1:

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This release deserves a heart :heart:

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How dare u!
How f***ing dare u be so awesome?

serious tho, keep up the good work bro!

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very good release again, i live your scripts <3

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Nice work Renzu :slight_smile:

does not work, when i execute the command i get teleported to the location and it prins 1 vehicle total but its not spawning and no screenshot

this is the only next condition next to total vehicles

if IsModelInCdimage(hashmodel) and not GlobalState.VehicleImages[tostring(hashmodel)] then

1 vehicle must be a valid model and streamed.
2 vehicle must not already proccessed

this sounds like the model is not existing.

anyway i dont provide support on this script.

this is a DEV utils.
somekind of issue like that should be easy to fix by you or ask your dev.

and yea this UTILS required one sync enable

the vehikel model works

this is awesome! this will definitely save me a lot of time. thanks for sharing for free!

is qbcore not working ? its didnt spawn any vehicles and screenshot. here my config

Config.save = 'json'
Config.vehicle_table = 'vehicles'
Config.useSQLvehicle = false 
Config.SqlVehicleTable = QBCore.Shared.Vehicles 

-- Custom Category
Config.Category = 'all'