[Release] Police Shield

So. I made a police shield for fun because I was bored. Hope you guys like it…


I understand that the shield is not perfect positioning. I fixed that and just forgot to take screenshots of it… Just a brief example of what this script is.

I had no other choice but to only allow 1 weapon to be used on this due to the animations messing up with all the other weapons… Sorry… You are stuck with the pistol… If you change the weapon don’t expect me to help you fix it.

What he said ^^^


Command is /shield



It could come in handy…right!

:smirk: +1


Will it be handy? Who Knows… :smile:

I never use any of the code I make because I don’t do community stuff… LUL


Players cant see shield also its very glitch and you can push cars around like superman !

You did it again, great job!

Thanks for letting me know. Give me a moment and I will see if it is the model I am using. Stick around because I may push an update soon…

https://streamable.com/r1p47 here is a short 30 second video

Ok I don’t think I can do anything about the pushing of the vehicles. Because if I remove collision it removes the bullet protection.

Now with other players not being able to see the mode. I am looking for a tester on some of the discords I am in.

I can possible join some sort of testing server.

I can send you a PM if you want to help.

Sure thing, send it.


I have fixed the shield being invisible. Please redownload!!!

Thank you @TreyWoods for jumping in and checking it for me and notifying me it was an issue. :wink:


Very interesting to use for roleplay. Would it prevent you getting bullet hits?

If the bullet hit the shield the shield will block them from hitting you.

i made the same thing just before you released your version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFasiS4sdbM&t=3s if you maybe take the animation out it is possible to use any weapon


I was directly trying to mimic the one that was released for single player. I started working on this like 3 hours ago so I really just made this for the fun of it. I am sure I could have done a lot of things differently just haven’t had a lot of time to mess with it.

no i understand that mate and the pain you went though setting up the rotation of the prop, i also attached to the shoulder rather than the hand just found it amusing that it was released just after i finished the version i did for my server

:smile: I didn’t even know someone already made a shield script. I try to make things that hasn’t been made and released yet. :man_shrugging: woops.

I am slowly running out of things to make honestly…

i could’t release my version anyway because i “borrowed” ALOT of code from your saw script so no bother

I have 2 idea if you would like to know them and get your opinion on them.