[Release] Pogress Bar (Progress Bar, standalone, smooth animation)


I want to share with you a progress bar i made for FiveM
It has smooth animation and it looks kind of nice. You can edit and publish this project if you want.
If you make big changes you don’t have to credit me



1.1 : Added options to drawBar fuction, can change background color and complete css for every bar
1.0 : Added callbacks


Direct download

Usage in readme below



nice work bro :slight_smile:

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How did you get that body cam thing?

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I made it, its pretty simple

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Could you possibly send me it threw a dm? I would like to use it and I will credit you.

It’s already written in the title, “STANDALONE” which means it can fits everywhere.

why would you credit him if he dose give it your not allowed to release it so NO credit is needed ??

I could just release it on forum, but i don’ t think someone would even use this script. It’s pretty shit coded too


if you dont like it dont use it , but be nice to other poeple dude.

You could give improvements instead of talking trash dude…

So great release dude :wink:

I think you missunderstood the context, he was asking for the VHS text script i have, and i replied to him that he code is trash and is worthless releasing

Standalone means that works for both frameworks

Standalone means it works without any dependencies, u dont need ANY framework to use this script

Do you have a notification system with this aswell?

I still dont understand lets say I want the progress bar for cure people,How can u do that?

It works for sell drgus to NPC script?

Is there any way to loop a callback every 5 seconds?

cringe name but thanks for the script

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Nice design!.

I’m having trouble adding it on esx_jobs, any suggestion to implement it with the time of each job.lua ? (miner.lua, lumber.lua, etc)

i’m kind of stuck trying to add the bar and calling the time from each “work action” of the configs. thank you very much!

On github esx_vhsText