[RELEASE] [PAID] utility_farming

Utility Farming - An advanced/roleplay way to do farming

Ever wanted to leave your life as a criminal and give yourself a fresh new look? Maybe as a farmer? It's time for you to say goodbye to your family and friends, because a very nice and welcoming farm is waiting for you, full of tractors and people ready to help and set you up to start off with the new job.

This script is perfect for everyone, even if you have never been an actual farmer before. Easy and descriptive tutorials will guide you through all the functions and features, explaining how to grow up and earn good money to spend in the roleplay server you’re playing on.

Bring your friends to play with you, get ready and play!

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Utility Library

  • Three different type of job (plowing, grain harvesting, hay baling)
  • Jobs designed specifically for roleplaying
  • Very large config with the possibility of creating jobs totally from scratch (to understand all three jobs are created in the config)
  • Custom vehicles and pieces of map modified to work with the script
  • Server-side security for triggers with server-side configuration capabilities
  • Works with ESX and QBcore
  • Highly optimized


Before entering in the tractor

During Plowing Job

During Wheat Harvesting Job

During Hay Bale Job

Example of Config

That is the default Wheat harvesting job

That is a default ped (George is the Wheat Harvesting ped)


Script created by me
Map modification by MarKz


Hay Bale Trailer (made on request) by VIFederico
Combine Harvester from Combine Harvester - GTA5-Mods.com
John Deere 6320 (Tractor) from John Deere 6320 Tractor [Replace] - GTALand.net


Good job! I like the library, I will start using it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Price lowered to 15€!

Unique and alot of care put into making it interactive… great job!

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bro awesome script and good price making this script

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How much of the script is encrypted ?

Can i use this on a normal fx server ?

everything except the config and a custom_functions file

you need esx or qbcore

Hello, I would like to know if the payment is made in cash or in the bank. Can the payment server function be modified? Because for example I would be interested in modifying it.

to avoid problems with qb-core, specifically with the vehicle keys in the vehicle creation event you must add this “TriggerEvent (” vehiclekeys: client: SetOwner ", GetVehicleNumberPlateText (veh))

New updates for new work activities are COMING !!!

payment functions for now are encrypted, probably in the future they will be decrypted in order to allow each customer to modify the operation.
qbcore i almost never used it, what would be the problem with the vehicle?

I bought your script today and would like to be able to modify the payment system of the script.

The qb-core vehicle key system locks all vehicles, so if you don’t give the player the key they are forced to steal it.

The event that I have sent him is giving the keys to the player of the vehicle.

Thanks for your feedback, i added a file called config_functions where you can find the functions where you can put the code.
if you have other suggestion feel totally free to tell me them.


Redownload the script from Cfx.re server key management

the car event works perfect, thanks. I have been looking and it gives failure in the load handling of “datavehicles” 1 and 3. and I have found the error that when I finish the mission the waypoint sends me the coordinates 0, 0, 0.

And I have found the error that when I finish the mission the waypoint sends me the coordinates 0, 0, 0. The npc of the mission does not let me finish it either

fixed, thanks for the report.
i had accidentally uploaded an old test version :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Now it works perfect, thank you very much. Great job

Unfortunately, you “cannot” climb into the tractor! The qb-vehiclekeys (owner) trigger needs to be adjusted! Unfortunately you can’t do it yourself because the script is encrypted! So please update!
“TriggerEvent(“vehiclekeys:client:SetOwner”, GetVehicleNumberPlateText(veh))”
also does not work with “Config.OnMissionVehicleSpawn = function(veh, plate)”

I’ve tested it with over 3 people, so that feature works, you probably miss something