[RELEASE] [PAID] Steal fuel

Hello everyone.
Wants Steal fuel ?
This script is for you!

Is this encrypted/obfuscated?
No you can see and change everything :wink:

  • Easier to edit with Config.lua



  • ESX

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so tit works with legacy fuel? does it need an item in your inventory? also it gives you a jerry can? why not to make it to fill your jerrycan, if you have instead jerrycan in hand? so if the car has 24 of fuel you get those in your jerrycan and not always the same amount.
i want to buy this

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yes it works with legacy fuel. Does it need an item in your inventory? Yes Empty Can . so if the car has 24 of fuel you get those in your jerrycan and not always the same amount.
anyway always gives a full jerrycan but can make you go here only from those cars that have as much fuel as your jerrycan can fill up.

when you buy the script we can change it according to your desire

Ah cool will buy it in a moment. Thanks.


I use weapons as items so I edited it to give me the correct petrolcan (item).

Works great and is compatible with LegacyFuel.

I would change the item needed to siphon fuel to a hose instead of a wrench.


i asked that and he did that , but i asked aswell to give the same amount of fuel that the car have to the jerry can instead of giving a jerry can , cause players buy jerrycans.

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@bigyzis add 2 versions for people that use weapon as items to buy it too. thank you for the support

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He can just add a readme with what needs to be changed if using weapons as items. It’s easy to change, no need to make a separate resource.

i guess, you need to check your resource, cause you can remove fuel from bicycles, also if vehicle is at 0 it will still remove fuel. he is trying to fix it…

Hello where can i contact you?