[Release] [Free][ESX] Police Officer Gps Tracker

Hello everyone.
Wants to know where the police are?
This script is for you!

**Police Officer Gps Tracker **

  • Hacking Minigame

  • Easier to edit with Config.lua


  • ESX



And Download Mhacking Script


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Police Officer Gps Tracker
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Please post a link to the script on somewhere that isn’t riddled with garbage.

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okey :wink:

when i press E to start the hack, doesnt do anything at all and you stuck there for ever.
no errors at console at all

u need this mhacking script GitHub - GHMatti/FiveM-Scripts: My Public FiveM Scripts

can i change somehow the hacking game?

How you want it change?

u can change it in qonfig image

ok i did the hack 3 times to check, it doesnt show the location of the cops, the police name is properly setup in the config :confused: whats the matter?

How many players with police job is online?

3 of them, i did the hack , and tried to take the police job, the other friend was trying to hack and succeed, but is like it has distance for the blip to show up, if you go very far it wont show you :confused:
i was behind my friend who was hacking and he saw the red blip - cop.
because i was behind him.
how to change the max distance?

image try change it to 10

nothing changed, i finished and check all the map nothing showed up.
also i went with noclip to them but even then nothing showed up in map or minimap
something’s buggy

for me it working excellent, i can’t help you :frowning:

maybe its esx or vmenu?
i am using esx 1.1 and vmenu last version


+rep I’m using it. works perfectly


are you using vmenu ?